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If the job application form you are filling allow you to express it in some text characters then write it as Negotiable or Entry Level and if you cannot enter the text then give a particular range.
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Can you ask age on job applications?

Yes, the reason being to minimize the risk of child labor No, if that were so, then they should just ask if you are over 16, or 18, or 25, or whatever. When employers won't le

Can an employer ask your age on a job application?

yes, they need to know if your legal to work the amount of hours they require. the younger u are the less your able to do.   No, they can not ask your age or date of birt

Why do they ask what your availability is on a job application?

  They want to know when you can start. Like, if you have another job, you might want to give them a few days notice before you leave. Just fill in today's date or put "st

How should you answer a 'salary requirements' question on a job application?

Answer   I always put "will discuss". That way, you're not taking a lower salary than you should get and you're not too demanding in you answer either.   Answer  

What should you put on job application when asked salary expected?

This is always a difficult question to answer. Providing you have done your research thoroughly on both the company and the actule role, it should be simpler to come up with a

Is it legal for a job application to ask if you smoke?

IT is legal but its also optional. Yes it is, its private  information about your life and they cant ask you those types of  things such as your Sexuality, its like Dont ask

How do you ask an employer about the status of your job application?

There are several ways to find out where the company is in the  application process. One way is to send a short e-mail to the  recruiter asking if there is any additional in

In a job application they ask are you bondable how do you know?

When you are asked on an application are you bondable "means a  person is deemed worthy of bond or insurance coverage. The insurer  provides coverage for an owner-operator o