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If the job application form you are filling allow you to express it in some text characters then write it as Negotiable or Entry Level and if you cannot enter the text then give a particular range.
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On a job application how do you say the reason for leaving a job was because of the salary?

Employment salary compensation was not adequate to meet my current career objectives, I was confident that greater compensation could be obtained serving in the same capacity

Can an employer ask your age on a job application?

yes, they need to know if your legal to work the amount of hours they require. the younger u are the less your able to do.   No, they can not ask your age or date of birt

Why do they ask what your availability is on a job application?

  They want to know when you can start. Like, if you have another job, you might want to give them a few days notice before you leave. Just fill in today's date or put "st

What to say when a job application ask about your relevant experience?

You look at what the job you are applying for is about (ie what you  will be expected to do) and you then look back at your previous  employment (and perhaps any training yo

What do you put on a job application that asks when can you start?

  ASAP (As soon as possible) or Negotiable (if you would rather sit down and discuss when is best for you and when they are looking for someone to start - this way you can

Job applications sometimes ask if you are bondable What does this mean?

    You can be insured to handle cash and valuables     A bondable employee is someone who can be insured to handle cash and other valuables. Employers need to

When a job application asking you for pay at leaving what does that mean?

It's asking for your rate of pay or salary before you left that job. NB if it was a salary and you had a pay rise during the year you should give the annual value of the rai

What do you say when job applications ask why should I hire you?

When a job applicant asks you why they should hire you simply say " i can be a benifit to your company. I will make sure i will succesfully do my job no matter the task at han

What do you put for salary amount on a job application?

This is a common question on job applications. The best answer is to put what you would like to make in the position for which you are applying while keeping that desired amo