What if your penis isn't getting as hard as it should and you at still young?

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it means your still gong through puberty be sure to eat right and exercise
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Should your penis get hard?

When you get older your body starts maturing. Your penis getting hard is completely normal, this usually happens when there is something sexual happening, but you can also get

Why isn't your boyfriend getting hard when you suck his penis?

An erection is a fragile and fickle thing. When a boy is young, they appear at the slightest provocation, sometimes without warning, and often at the worst possible moment. As
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What age should you be worried if you're penis isn't growing?

Apparently it might not start 'til around eighteen in a few rare cases. So check then. But, in my rookie, non-medically trained opinion I would say around 14. Just ask your ph
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What if someone is getting bullied but isn't offended is that still bullying?

Yes. If it is , in fact, bullying then whether or not the victim wants to recognize it as so or become offended by it, it just that: bullying. But you should be sure it
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What should i do when i see brother wifes breasts i get hard but brother and his wife isn't in love anymore but still lives together what should i do.?

if you want to get rid of your erection stick a cold one (eg. beer, ice, anything cold) in you oands it will prevent it from getting big. but don't leve it in ther all day. if