What insect has the fastest wing beat?

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The two-winged fly known as the midge (also called no-see-ums) has the fastest wingbeat of 62760 beats per minute, or about 1046 beats per second.
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What insect folds its wings upwards?

check out a dragonfly or a damselfly. ANSWER: . A dragonfly doesnt fold its wings. A damselfly, moth and a butterfly does fold its wings upwards.

Do female stick insects have wings?

It depends on the species. In some species the females have wings, however many cannot fly. Most male stick insects of the winged species can fly.

Which birds have the fastest wing-beats?

Hummingbirds, the tiniest feathered creatures in the world, have wing-beats so fast that they appear as hazy as an airplane propeller in motion. Analysis of slow-motion pictures indicate that these wing beats may be as fast as 50 to 75 times per second. wrong it is the male club winged manikin its w (MORE)

What bird has the fastest wing beat?

The male club winged manikin has a wing beat as high as 100 per second- hummingbirds are typically about 50 per second. The Manikin uses the very high speed as a courting manuever, and not for regular flight.

What are the advantages of insects having wings?

Flight allows insects to occupy new ecological niches. Trees tend to grow their most nutritious parts (the reproductive flowers and fruits) up high to keep them safe and flying insects are able to them. Flying insects are harder for predators to catch. Also, many insects are predators themselves and (MORE)

Do insects have wings?

Alot of insects do! I know a ladybug does. All insect groups have wings, save for silverfish and fleas. Silverfish never had wings, fleas lost them in their evolutionary history. Insect wings can be folded in plain view or hidden beneath shields. Beetles have modified their first pair of win (MORE)

How many wings do insects have?

They have 2 pair of wings so technically they have 4 wings all together. The wings are usually found on the thorax of the body which is located in between the head and the abdomen

Do most insects have wings?

Yes. The only group that never had wings is silverfish, and the other wingless group, fleas, once had wings but lost them.

Why are insect wings and bird wings similar?

They are actually quite different! An insects wings are a fixed shape and have an ecto-skeleton (like bones) in the outside and look very much like a leaf. Often there are two pairs together which can over-lap. A birds wing has the bones on the inside and they are hollow. The feathers spread open to (MORE)

Does every insect have 4 wings?

Nope. Flies always have 2 wings, and some insects like silverfish have none. However even insects with 4 wings can get one torn off by a bird.

What insect has no wings that can fly?

Ballooning Spiders- which are not actually insects (they have 8 legs and a cephalothorax) climb to the end of a tall plant stem, shoot out strands of silk webbing and use the wind to 'fly' or travel long distances. They can retract and shoot out more silk as necessary to change direction.

What material are insect wings made of?

Insect wings are part of a bug's skeletal system. The wings ofinsects are made of chitin, which is a light, extremely strongmaterial that also makes up an insect's exoskeleton.

Can a insect wings produce oxygen?

An insect flapping its wings does not create oxygen any more than you waving your arms does. Any kind of flapping of fanning motion redistributes air (think of waving your hands to clear away smoke), so it may move around the oxygen that is already in the surrounding air.

Is there an insect with wings but not legs?

insect definition . in·sect (in ′ sekt′) . noun . any of a large class (Insect) of small arthropod animals characterized, in the adult state, by division of the body into head, thorax, and abdomen, three pairs of legs on the thorax, and, usually, two pairs of membranous wings, inc (MORE)

A beautiful insect with transparent wings?

Glasswinged butterflies are beautiful insects with transparentwings. Their wings allow them to hide from predators. Thisbutterfly is found mostly in Central America.

If an insect does not have wings how does that help the insect?

Flying insects are one of three members of a group known as hexapoda (literally, six walking appendages). True winged insects do have wings as adults. Every one of them. Two pairs of them, in fact. Sometimes the top pair hardens and becomes a protective shell for the insect and the lower pair of win (MORE)

What insect has 6 legs and wings?

A flying red ant, it looks like a termite actually, only the male ones have the wings. i don't know what they eat, there are LOTS of them in Texas at summertime.

What insects have no wings?

Some insects without wings are the worker ant, the earwig, thespringtail, and beetles. Silverfish, fleas, and firebrats are alsowingless insects.

Why do insects have wings?

Insects have wings, so that they can fly about, just like birds do , they can then find food. They have wings so they can escape predators and, in some cases, catch food of their own.

Was insects the first to have wings?

Yes. Only four groups of animals on Earth have been known to fly: the insects, the pterosaurs, the birds and the bats. The insects started flying about 350 million BCE, while the pterosaurs, the next group, started about the same time as the dinosaurs. (some 220 million years BCE). So, insects arriv (MORE)

Insect with 6 legs but does not have wings?

an insect that has six legs but no wings is a beetle because if you count you can see it has six legs but obviously it cant fly so it has no wings. this is written bey an expert that goes to a high standard school so this piece of info is real, you can believe.

How do wings of insects differ from wings of birds?

Windows of insects differ from the wings of birds in that they haveno features. They use a thin membrane to catch the wind. the wings of a bird are made out of feathers and creates a shapedacross its length like the wing of an airplane, a cross section ofthe wing, is seen to cause lift from aerodyna (MORE)

What insect with one wing?

There are not any insects that have just 1 wing. Most insects have1 set of wings containing 2 full wings and this is how they fly.

What bird has the fastest wing speed?

The humming birds have the fastest wing beats, but there are many different types of hummingbirds and I would suggest looking them up and not just taking it from me. I could be wrong

What covers an insects wings?

In most groups, nothing. In beetles and earwigs, the elytra(shields), but these are really modified forewings, so really stillnothing. :P In butterflies, the wings are covered BY small scaleswhich also carry the pigment for their vivid colours. There's one group of small flies where the pronotum (pa (MORE)

Which insect does not have wings?

Adult bedbugs and silverfish are two insects that do not havewings. There are over one million species of insects foundthroughout the world and there are many more to still bediscovered.

Who is the fastest wing moving bird?

The fastest bird in the world is the Peregrine Falcon with the top speed of 200 miles per hour or 350 kilometers. The Falcons top speed is achieved when performing a power dive to ambush prey. The Peregrine Falcon is a bird of prey which means that it hunts other small animals for food. Peregrine Fa (MORE)

What insect has six wings?

Palaeodictyoptera do not have six wings, the extra appendages are known as prothoracic paranotal lobes and are basically chitinous plates which may have been used by these prehistoric insects to stabilise flight profiles.

Which hummingbirds have the fastest wings beat?

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Insects have wings?

Yes, they're the only arthropods with wings, and all insects have them save for silverfish and fleas.

How are the wings of an insect differen from the wings of the bird?

Insect wings are part of their exoskeleton - I've found sourcesstating they evolved from external gills in very smallproto-insects that barely needed the extra surface to leave theground, and the wings became bigger and more muscular from there. Bird wings are technically arms, with the same skelet (MORE)