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Literally, the translation of 'take care' into French is 'prendre soin'. The infinitive 'prendre' means 'to take'. And the noun 'soin' means 'care'. But accurate translations depend upon the actual equivalent in the language, not the literal, word-for-word identification. Such is the case here. For example, in the English wish 'goodbye and farewell', French speakers and writers may see 'au revoir et salut' as the actual equivalent in their language. Prends soin de toi
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Take care in french?

take care (of something) = prendre soin (de quelque chose)   take care (kind of farewell) = au revoir, salut

How do you say 'goodbye' or 'take care' in French?

The traditional French equivalents of 'goodbye' are 'adieu' and 'au revoir'. The word 'adieu', which means 'to God', tends to be more final and formal.  The word au revoir m

How do you pronounce goodbye and take care in french?

Goodbye in French, au revoir, is pronounced "o rev-WAAR," with the emphasis on the second syllable of which the a sound is spoken long -- as in the exclamation "Aaargh!" The r

How do you say take care and bye in french?

" Au revoir, et prenez soin de vous " or " Au revoir, et faites attention à vous " when you address to someone you barely knew, you're not close with, or when you address sev