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What is 12b minus 9 plus 2b minus b equal negative 87?

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12b - 9 + 2b - b = -87
13b - 9 = -87
13b = -87 +9
13b = -78
b = -6
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What does a minus plus a minus equal?

A minus and a minus (-4+-5) is a minus. It only becomes a plus if two minus's are timesed together. eg. -4 + -5 = -9 -4 x -5 = 20 It is easier to work with if you have no

What does a plus minus a minus equal?

A positive number minus a negative number?     x - -x is the same as x + x because the negative signs cancel each other out and become positive. So, when you see two ne

What is a minus minus a plus equals?

The question isn't too clear, but I'll assume it means, "what is a negative number minus a positive number?" The answer to that is: a negative number. To explain why, imagin

Why does minus of minus equals plus?

The negative of a negative number is a positive number. The reason for this is that the first negative is a place holder for -1. When you have - - 4, that translates into -1 x

A plus b equals 8 and a minus b equals 9?

Solve one of the formulas for A, then substitute that into the other formula to solve for B, then substitute the solution for B into one of the formulas to solve for A. Here

Does a minus and a minus equal a plus?

Depends what you mean by "and". If they're added: never If they're subtracted: sometimes If they're multiplied or divided: always

Why minus minus equals plus?

You are taking something away a negative amount of times. Which means you are actually giving.
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How does minus minus equal plus?

When you are doing maths, you must see the equations as numbers. So 5-1 consists from the numbers +5 and -1. So 5-1=-1+5 however if you substract with a negative number you a