What is 4?

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4 is a even number.Why in the world did you ask THAT? Example:There are 4 kinds of teeth.
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What is 4 1?

it could be 4+1 which is 5 4*1 which is 4 4/1 which is 4

What is 4 4?

Answer . 4+4=8. 4-4=0. 4x4=16. 4/4=1

What is 4 H?

It is a club where the 4H stands for Head, heart, hands, health. . In cars 4H stands for 4 wheel drive high gear. .

What is 4 dementional?

four-dimensional describes something existing in four dimensions. The "real world" which we experience is often referred to as three-dimensional, meaning that any location can

What is 4 feet?

use Google that's what i use to answer these silly questions

What is 4 dimentional?

I believe you want to know what "4-DIMENSIONAL" is. Dimension, dimensional (adjective). It means something with 4 dimensions.

What is 4 cm?

4 centimeters (4cm) is 40 mm (millimeters), which is around 2 inches.
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What is 4 am?

The time 4 AM is 4 hours into the beginning of a new day, i.e. 4 hours after midnight.