What is Abstraction in OOP?

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Abstraction is simplifying complex reality by modelling classes appropriate to the problem, and working at the most appropriate level of inheritance for a given aspect of the problem.
For example, Lassie the Dog may be treated as a Dog much of the time, a Collie when necessary to access Collie-specific attributes or behaviors, and as an Animal (perhaps the parent class of Dog) when counting Timmy's pets.
Abstraction is also achieved through Composition. For example, a class Car would be made up of an Engine, Gearbox, Steering objects, and many more components. To build the Car class, one does not need to know how the different components work internally, but only how to interface with them, i.e., send messages to them, receive messages from them, and perhaps make the different objects composing the class interact with each other.
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What are the features of OOP?

The four main features of object oriented programming areencapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction.

What is oops concept?

OOPS stands for object oriented programming in short . Characteristics of OOPs are : encapsulation, data hiding, polymorphism etc.

What is abstraction in oops?

Abstraction means to describe with a term or a brief sentence that the audience can understand the entirety. In OOPS context, the program unit is an abstraction by itself.

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What is data abstraction in oops?

Data abstraction provides the skeleton or templates. That is it has no actual implementation.
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A pointer is a programming language data type whose value refers directly to (or " points to") another value stored elsewhere in the computer memory using its address.
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