What is Alabama?

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Alabama is:

- a US state
- a river
- a university

- a group (tribe) of native Americans
- a town in NY State
- a military district in Louisiana

- a confederate cruiser, the CSS Alabama
- a US Navy ship, the USS Alabama
- a genus of moths

- a book
- a Beanie Baby teddy bear
- a country rock band

- a song by Neil Young
- a composition by John Coltrane
- an album by underground band CHN
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What is Alabama famous for?

Alabama is famous for the Space and Rocket Center. People come from all over the world to visit it!

What is Alabama best known for?

Civil Rights conflicts. . The longes State Constitution. . Civil Rights abuses. . Executive vs Legislative conflicts. . Civil Rights atrocities. . The Camelia. . Civil R

What is Alabama senators?

Alabama's U.S. Senators are Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions.Richard Shelby has served in the U.S. Senate since January 3, 1987.Jeff Sessions has served in the U.S. Senate sin

What is Alabama high test?

Alabama high test is slang for an extremely high grade of gasoline that's huffed by the user.