What is Cher's genealogy?

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Her father was Armenian, and her mother is of French descent.

One time years ago she said her father was turkish. Also during an interview with Barbara Walters she said her father was not close to her and that he had serious drug related issues; that she stopped seeing him when she found out that a photo of her and Chastity she had given to him as a token of love and reconciliation had been sold or pounded for money? somewhere.. and of course that did hurt her very much.
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What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry anddescendants of specific people, often with added reference to theirlives, accomplishments and lifestyles. It is als

What is Cher's address?

Cher's official fan mail address is: Cher Official Cher fan Club . PO Box 2425 Milford, CT 06460

What is Cher's religion?

Cher is Buddhist. Source- She was interviewed in YOU magazine. Issue 28 November 2010

What is Cher's disability?

Chers disability is dyslexia. Yes Dyslexia, but she also has Dyscalcula. In her home she has a huge phone with giant one foot block numbers so she can process the numbers easi

Who are Cher's children?

she has 2 chidren, Elijah Blue and Chaz I am Cher's second cousin. Gregory Paul Krikorian

What is Cher's genre?

Throughout her long career, Cher has covered pop, rock, disco, country, folk, new wave rock, and some jazzy torch music. But mainly pop and rock.
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Who is Cher's agent?

Liz Rosemberg You know that that the Brain hide the unnecessarly thing like the second "that" that I write before