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Conceptual design is an area of art that diagrams how a new idea or product may function. Conceptual design is most commonly used by inventors trying to patent an idea or businesses that are trying to finance a product.
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WHAT IS Conceptual engineering in design activity?

The conceptual engineering aims to identify the machinery, equipment, supplies and facilities necessary to operate a project. By definition: A conceptual engineering study sho

What is conceptual?

  It indicates the researchers view on the relationship the independent variables.   Thx, Muisyo P

What is the Difference between conceptual and technical design?

Conceptual Design • written in customer's language • explaining the observable external characteristics of the system • contains no technical jargon (If it does, define

Why we need conceptual design of Management Information System?

Since the conceptual design sets the direction for the management  information system (MIS). It is vital that managers participate  seriously and heavily at this stage. Conc

What is conceptual design and detailed design?

conceptual design is just a rough draft picture (usually many) that lead up to the basic idea you are drawing. detailed design is similar but further along the design process
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What is a conceptus?

It means to have an idea. It comes from another word meaning to conceive. A sperm and egg form a new individual and it is said that they (the parents) conceived it.
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What is the concept of conceptual design?

The concept of conceptual design is idealist. Idealist indicates that a lot of creative thought went into the design which makes the creation unique and one of a kind. Concep