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What is Coverage A in insurance?

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Coverage A is the dwelling amount. As in, if it cost $250K to rebuild your house then that is what your coverage A should be.
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In a Full Coverage Vehicle insurance policy what is the collision coverage?

Answer   The collision coverage specifically covers the repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault.   If you are at fault for instance, your car would be repaired, b

What is liability coverage on auto insurance?

  This means that if the accident was your fault, your insurance will pay(up to an amount that is on your policy) for the other property and persons involved in the accide

Insurance coverage for all risks?

Unfortunately, there is no policy that will insure everything. Call an independent insurance agent to find out what they can do for you in terms of packaging coverage for you.

What is BPP insurance coverage?

Business and personal property coverage

What is a full coverage auto insurance?

Their is no such thing as full coverage in legal terms. What people refer to when they say that is Physical Damage Coverage for a vehicle. What physical damage coverage breaks

What is BIEE insurance coverage?

Business Income and Extra Expense.

What are Globe Life insurance coverage limits?

Globe Life's insurance coverage limits depends on the type of policy you hold. Some life insurance, depending on the policy and person can cover upwards of $5 million!

What is full coverage Auto insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance is a policy which covers first party and third party injury to the body or damage to car. It covers physical damages to the car if it has been lea

What does it mean for a patient to have dual insurance coverage?

This refers to the case in which a patient is insured by more than one insurance plan. For example, a Medicare patient is generally covered for 80% of charges for a physician

How do you find out if someone's insurance coverage is legit?

To determine proof of insurance I would do one or all of the following:   Ask to see the insurance card. If I felt it was fake, I would ask to see the policy.   Failing

What is personal coverage auto insurance?

The personal coverage of the insurance depends on the companies. Some companies they cover financial security in case of vehicular accident, which you can use to pay for hospi

Which insurances offer vehicle breakdown coverage?

"To receive breakdown coverage on a vehicle which is no longer covered by your manufacturer's waranty, you should speak directly to your auto dealership about their offerings.