What is Darren Shans Girlfriend's Name?

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The book character Darren Shan, Has a girlfriend called Debbie.
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Who is Darren shan?

Darren Shan is two people. He is the pen-name of the author of the Cirque Du Freak novels, and is also the main character of the books, which are told from first-person point

What are the names of the Darren Shan movies?

There is currently only one Darren Shan Movie; Cirque du Freak: a Vamire's Assistant. This is based on the first 3 books in "the saga of Darren Shan". It is looking unlikely t

What is Darren shans the thin exciter?

Its called Thin Executioner.. Its another of Darren Shans great books. It is about a young boy whos father is an excecutioner, but his father is ashamed of him, because he is

Why is Darren shan successful?

I think he is successful because alot of the Vampire books around now are all romantic and if i say so, boring, were as Darren shans books are exciting and when i read them i