What is Darren Shans Girlfriend's Name?

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The book character Darren Shan, Has a girlfriend called Debbie.
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Who is Darren shan?

Darren Shan is two people. He is the pen-name of the author of the Cirque Du Freak novels, and is also the main character of the books, which are told from first-person point of view. he lives in Ireland and his real name is Darren O' shaughnessy Taber M. (that's right Mrs.drakes class)

How many books does Darren shan have?

He has written many successful books, in order of release; The Saga of Darren Shan ; this is a series of 12 about the life of a boy (Darren Shan) who is turned into a vampire and goes on to become a vampire prince and eventually die at the hand of his best friend. The Demonata Series ; This (MORE)

Is Darren Shan a vampire?

no, Darren Shan is a human vampires are fictional creatures Darren Shan is probably human. Not many vampires would create a character of themselves which is a vampire as well, and publish it as a book, and get it created as a film. I'm not going to lie. I believe in them. I have done since I was (MORE)

When will the Darren Shan movie be out?

yes,i think his latest ones coming out soon i heard it was this year anyway SOS xx if i havent answered your question properly byexx yes,i think his latest ones coming out soon i heard it was this year anyway SOS xx if i havent answered your question properly byexx yes,i think his latest ones coming (MORE)

Does Darren Shan die?

He and Steve battle - Darren is winning, but because he doesn't want to become the Lord of Shadows (who causes chaos in the future) he makes Steve furious at him, by saying what Steve has always believed (that he plotted against him all along). Steve stabs Darren, and they both die - thwarting Mr. T (MORE)

When will the Darren shan movie come out?

The Movie Will be coming out:. Netherlands. 27 August 2009. Norway. 25 September 2009. Brazil. 2 October 2009. Denmark. 2 October 2009. Russia. 8 October 2009. Spain. 9 October 2009. Germany. 15 October 2009. Belgium. 21 October 2009. France. 21 October 2009. Sweden. 23 October 2 (MORE)

Summary of BEC by Darren shan?

a medievil girl called bec has to go on a mission to close a tunnel between earth and the demonata world. she meets a little boy called bran (who becomes bernabus in later life) and closes the tunnel- bit she gets trapped in a cave and is slaughtered by lord loss' minions

Who kills Darren shan?

Darren shan finds out that Steve leonerd is his brother finds love for him again. he takes the knife, bear huges Steve, holds on to him, and stabs himself. he lets the water fill his lungs and die that's not true he still hates Steve but he lets Steve kill him so the prophecy of the lord of the s (MORE)

How did Darren shan inspire people?

If you mean how the Saga of Darren Shan inspires its readers, I think I can tell you a bit about how it inspired me. :) I was first introduced to this twelve part series in Grade 6, when my elementary school teacher read the first book to the class as a lunch time story--yeah, kind of unusual!-- (MORE)

How does Darren shan die?

In the final book he has a face of with Steve Leopard, in which it is revealed that Desmond Tiny has manipulated them both and that whichever one wins the fight will go on to wage an almighty war against the whole world, and kill millions of vampires, vampaneze and humans. Darren then stabs Steve, b (MORE)

When Will the Darren shan movie come out in Ireland?

There isn't a specific release date for Ireland. The Cirque du freake (book 1 in the saga of Darren shan) will be released on 13th feb 2010. This is the release date for GB so i presume it will be the same. If you like daren shan book 9 of the demonata come out in may!! Hope this helps

When will there be another Darren Shan book coming out?

The Saga of Darren Shan is over, at 12 books, and the Demonata is too, at 10 books. Darren Shan's new saga is named the Saga of Larten Crepsly, and is a sort of prequel to the Saga of Darren Shan. It is unknown when another book will be released since all of the series' are complete.

How many books has Darren shan wrote?

12 X The Saga of Darren Shan. 10 X The Demonata Series. 3 X The City Trilogy (Adult Series). 1 X The Thin Executioner. 4 X The Saga of Larten Crepsley. That's a total of 30, as of May 15 2012.

What is the theme of Darren Shan book 5?

Darren has to face the trials of death, put to him by the princes. If he fails, he is executed, if he passes he is officially part of the vampire clan. SPOILER ALERT! Darren passes the first 3 but fails the final test and is sentenced to death. Kurda helps him to escape but then Kurda kills Gavner (MORE)

Is there a Darren Shan film?

There is a film but it isn't out yet, but here are some realise dates for some different country's. . Country Date . Hungary 22 October 2009 Russia 22 October 2009 UK 23 October 2009 USA 23 October 2009 Netherlands 5 November 2009 Germany 26 November (MORE)

What books did Darren shan write?

The Saga of Darren Shan (Also known as "Cirque Du Freak Series") The Vampire Blood Trilogy . 1. Cirque Du Freak ISBN-0316605107 . 2. The Vampire's Assistant ISBN-0316905720 (0316606847) . 3. Tunnels of Blood ISBN-0316905739 The Vampire Rites Trilogy . 4. Vampire Mountain ISBN-0316 (MORE)

What books has Darren Shan wrote?

The Saga of Darren Shan; 1) Cirque du Freak 2) The Vampire's Assistant 3) Tunnles of Blood 4) Vampire Mountain 5) Trials of Death 6) The Vampire Prince 7) Hunters of the Dusk 8) Allies of the Night 9) Killers of the Dawn 10) The Lake of Souls 11) Lord of the Shadows 12) Sons (MORE)

Is Darren shan in lord loss?

No, Darren Shan (the character the writer named after himself) is in the 12 books in the "saga of Darren Shan". Lord Loss is the first in a separate series called "the demonata", and is abour a boy called Grubbs Grady. However, if you liked the Saga of DS then i would highly recoment Lord loss- it's (MORE)

Is Darren shan a real vampire?

I hope your talking about the character and not the author. Obviously, the author is not a real vampire because vampires don't exist. The character is a half-vampire though. Half-vampires are like full vampires but can go out in the day, age at a fifth instead of a tenth the human age and can not br (MORE)

When does Darren Shan become a vampire?

He doesn't. At least, not a full vampire. The Darren Shan from the book series Cirque du Freak become a half vampire when he was about 12, Yes he does become a full vampire because in the last book he starts becoming one but dies by Steve during it.

What are the names of the Darren Shan movies?

There is currently only one Darren Shan Movie; Cirque du Freak: a Vamire's Assistant. This is based on the first 3 books in "the saga of Darren Shan". It is looking unlikely there will be another, as the first was less popular than anticipated, and due to the huge manipulation of the plot they have (MORE)

Is Darren Shan on Amazon Kindle?

Yes, he is. You can do a search on him on the Amazon Kindle page. From what I could see, his books are not available in Kindle format for Europe, but they are for US customers.

What books are written by Darren Shan?

The two series I know of are Cirque Du Freak and Demonata but he might have some other books and I think some adult books too. I adored and still adore both the above series and I am anxiously awaiting the final book od the Demonata series. Hope this helped! =) =) =) =p

Is Darren Shan Canadian?

no he original came from Ireland but he moved to England when he was young but back to Ireland when he wrote the books theres no hints off this in the novel but in the manga on page 105 you can see a pole with directions to diffrent counties of Ireland and the money he won off beating some othe (MORE)

Will there be a second Darren shan movie?

Perhaps. The first one cost a lot of the budget to make and it didn't prove that popular. The film company may not give the producers enough budget to create a second movie. So it seems unlikely. But I love Darren Shan, I love the books, I love the movie and I love Chris Massoglia! So I really hope (MORE)

What is Darren shans the thin exciter?

Its called Thin Executioner.. Its another of Darren Shans great books. It is about a young boy whos father is an excecutioner, but his father is ashamed of him, because he is thin and weak. So he sets off on a quest to become the new executioner, in other words The Thin Excecutioner. The Blurb is: (MORE)

What was Darren shans first book?

I'm not sure on the first one he wrote but: The first one of the Demonta series was 'Lord Loss' and The first one of the Saga was 'Cirque Du Freak' So I would of thought its one of them ? Hope that helps :)

Why is Darren shan successful?

I think he is successful because alot of the Vampire books around now are all romantic and if i say so, boring, were as Darren shans books are exciting and when i read them i feel as if i am in the book. i am only 12 so i don't know any terms about why, just my own opinion.

What happens in the last Darren shan book?

In the last Darren Shan book Darren kills Steve(the vampaneze lord) and then Mr Tiny congragulates him tells Darren wat will become of Darren, Darren dosent like it so he gets Steve to kill him with the last bit of strength he has left and well you'll hac=ve to read the rest for yourself ...i find i (MORE)

Where can you read Darren shan manga?

You can either buy it online, i.e. Amazon, or purchase it in a shop, I remember WHSmiths having copies, though you may need to order it if they're out. Alternatively you could read it online at: mangafox mangaanimea darrenshanmangascans

Are all the books by Darren Shan linked?

within each series they are all closely linked, and the series are as follows; He has written many successful books, in order of release; The Saga of Darren Shan ; this is a series of 12 about the life of a boy (Darren Shan) who is turned into a vampire and goes on to become a vampire prince a (MORE)

What is the climax in tunnels of blood by Darren shan?

Darren's best friend, Evra is kidnapped by the Vampaneze Murlough. Darren trades his girlfriend, Debbie, for Evra's life to the disgust of Larten Crepsley, but it is all a trap. By replacing Debbie with a goat under her sheets Murlough is attacked from behing by Crepsley and killed. He is then dumpe (MORE)

Did Darren shan drink blood?

Darren Shan, the vampire in "the saga of Darren shan" did eventually drink blood. After avoiding it for months and leaving himself on the brink of death he finally drank from his dying friend Sam Grest, in order to absorb some of his soul and, in a way, keep him alive. From that point on he drank on (MORE)

Is Darren Shan a atheist?

He has no organised religion but he believes in an afterlife, andwhat he calls a 'Lake of Souls'.