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Its is a technique used with fabric, you layer many types of fabrics and sew them together in rows, afterwards you cut or "slash" between the rows you stitched leaving the bottom most layer uncut. when washed all the slashed edges fray and can almost resemble a dense fur if the right fabrics are used.
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What are the similarities and differences between corduroy and chenille?

Corderoy is a woven fabric with a ribbed nap. It has no stretch. Chenille is a very soft ribbed knit which is stretchy.     The difference is corduroy is soft and has v

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Can you machine wash chenille curtains?

Washing chenille curtains in machine will be suicidal for the fabric, as it tends to disperse and shed loops of fabric in water. Chenille curtains is recommended to be hand wa

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Do moths ever eat chenille fabric?

yes, that's why you have to keep them in dry cleaning bags to keep them out. but be careful with your dry cleaning bags and make sure you get the air out to keep the moist

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