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Its is a technique used with fabric, you layer many types of fabrics and sew them together in rows, afterwards you cut or "slash" between the rows you stitched leaving the bottom most layer uncut. when washed all the slashed edges fray and can almost resemble a dense fur if the right fabrics are used.
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What is chenille?

Chenille is a fabric that is normally a colored yarn or other  fabric. Chenille originated in France and was invented by Alexander  Buchanan.

What are chenille sticks?

  Pipe cleaners. They are usually about five or six inches long and are small twisted wires having short fibers sticking out. Originally used to clean smoke pipes but now

Can you machine wash chenille curtains?

Washing chenille curtains in machine will be suicidal for the fabric, as it tends to disperse and shed loops of fabric in water. Chenille curtains is recommended to be hand wa

How do you spell chenille?

That is the correct spelling of the word "chenille", a fabric. (French for caterpillar)

How much do chenille sweaters cost?

For handmade chenille sweaters, the starting price is about $70.00; mass produced ones are in the $40.00 range to start with but the quality of the material, attention to deta

How is chenille fabric produced?

Chenille fabric is produced by weaving chenille "yarn" into new cloth. The chenille "yarn" is produced by first weaving a specific type of fabric and cutting that fabric into

Where can one purchase a Chenille throw?

One is able to purchase a Chenille throw at several different retail locations, including the following stores and website: a Chenille store, the Chenille website, Amazon, eBa
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What is the average price of a Chenille sofa?

The average price of a Chenille softa is around $1,000-$1,300. If you buy online make sure to consider the shipping costs. A good way to get a cheaper price is to buy a used C