What is Finland best known for?

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Finland has produced some of the most important architects and designers. It is also the first country in Europe in which women could vote and is today an extremely egalitarian, tolerant, and progressive society. It is also an extremely honest society, an even rigid probity.

The Finnish education system consistently ranks as one of the best in Europe and the world, and in many surveys is ranked the very best. Finland is known for inventing the sauna and perhaps (though disputed) skiing. In sports, Finland is nonetheless known for its skiers. Finland is known for high technology companies such as Nokia as well as for ship building, lumber, and paper manufacturing.

Finland is also known for fending off the Soviet Red Army during World War II despite the fact that Finland was vastly outnumbered; as a result, unlike most other countries bordering the Soviet Union, Finland remained both independent and outside the Warsaw Pact. Finland is also the only country that repaid in full the United States the loans it received under the Marshal Plan. Finland is famous internationally for its heavy metal and hard rock, one the one hand, and for classical musicians and composers on the other. See link below.
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When is the best time to visit Finland?

Depends on what you're after. Their winters can be pretty fierce, so if you don't like it cold you should stay away that time. Then maybe it's the whole frost-bitten experienc

What is Finland well known for?

I have been to Finland an its a beautiful country with many lakes and forests that cover over half the country. The capital city, Helsinki, is clean and the architecture is st
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What is the best paid job in Finland?

a doctor gets paid over 250,000 euro per year however, 60% of this goes for tax etc a chief executive is another excellent job which pays you over 80.000 euro minus the 60%
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What products is Finland known for?

Well, since we have a lot of forest we produce lots of paper and other products made out of wood. Also, Nokia comes from Finland and manufactures pretty decent cell phones. So
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When is the best time to travel to Finland?

It depends a lot: if you want to try winter sports, such as cross-country skiing, dowhill skiing or skating, you'd want to go during wintertime, preferably in early February.