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Google Eath is a virtual map, available through Google, created by a Keyhole, Inc. It can be used to see satelite images of cities, streets, etc. It gives you ability to see items in 3D. It can be used as a tool to research the possible house for purchase, or check on the stage of contruction, for example.
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How do you use Google Earth?

First you download Google Earth from google's web site. You can start by entering an address (or just a city name) in the fly-to-search panel and see Google Earth zoom to th

What is Google Earth used for?

Google Earth is a desktop application that lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons o

Do you have to download Google Earth to use it?

You need to download Google Earth installer then run the installer  to install. The basic program comes as a desktop application.    Google also provides Google Earth

Is there a free use of Google earth?

I guess it is free to use however, you cannot distribute it on your own. In free version you cannot integrate your GIS data but there are another versions like Google Earth pr

Is Google Earth useful?

Google Earth is useful if you wish to locate a specific place anywhere on the Earth. The images are accurate but not live.

How do you use directions on Google Earth?

When you create driving directions in Google Earth it creates a placemark at each turn/step in the route in addition to a path for the entire route. This helps you visualize t

What protocol does Google Earth use?

Google Earth uses standard web protocols: http , https and smtp (mail). Basically, Google Earth is a special purpose web browser thatspecializes in geographic content, bu

How do you use the tools on Google Earth?

Google Earth has a bunch of tools including Historical view, Street View, a Ruler for measuring distance/area, and a Flight Simulator to name just a few. Detailed help can

What can you use instead of Google Earth on the Internet?

In addition to Google Earth you can use Google Maps directly from your web browser. You also use Bing Maps which is Microsoft's equivalent to Google Maps.

How many MB does Google Earth use?

Google Earth, like a web browser, creates a disk and memory cache for downloaded content that can be changed in the Tools > Options > Cache menu panel. Google Earth can u

Is Google Earth safe to use?

yes it is! they block the faces of people due to confidentiallity people so it is entirely safe. Answer #2 Google Earth as a web browser has restricted what is rendered in a

What are some uses for a Google Earth download?

One can use Google Earth to get directions. It is also a wonderful tool for use in the classroom for teaching kids about geography and the earth. One unique feature is it's ab

What are some uses for Google Earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe. It can be used to see different parts of the world. Google's 'StreetView' feature allows one to insert themselves right onto the road to get a