What is HPLC and how do you use it?

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HPLC stands for high performance liquid chromatography. It is a liquid chromatography which involves the separation of the compounds on the basis of their polarity. It is used to analyze, identify, purify & quantify the compounds.
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What detectors are used in HPLC?

The detector for an HPLC is the component that emits a response due to the eluting sample compound and subsequently signals a peak on the chromatogram. It is positioned immedi… (MORE)

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Why internal standard you used in hplc method?

Internal standard can be used for calibration by plotting the ratio of the analyte signal to the internal standard signal as a function of the analyte concentration of the sta… (MORE)

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Why caffeine solution using for hplc calibration?

It is very stable(3 days at room temp.) ,it is having multi wavelength like 2 maxi ma (205 ,273 nm and minima(245nm) and cheap cost.

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Why caffeine is used for calibration of HPLC?

Caffeine responds in 3 wavelength regions i.e196 - 208nm in which caffeine maxima at 203±2nm240 - 248nm in which caffeine minima at 244±2nm270 - 278nm in which caffeine maxi… (MORE)