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What is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is aimed at ensuring the portability of health Insurance for individuals?

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What health insurance is American health paca?

Just another low-down method of cheating Americans out of their money. No MD's or medical facilities have even heard about it, let alone accept it in the Greater Cincinnati ar

What is portable life insurance?

  A life insurance policy is "portable" when upon leaving the group policy, you transfer your life coverage to an individual life policy with the same insurance carrier wi

How do you get health insurance?

As per the healthcare department, open enrollment for health  insurance has been over. But there are still 2 ways to get it. If  you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

What does portability mean in the context of life insurance?

  Portability means to carry. In the insurance world it means for a person to able to be insurable when leaving one employer to another. As in HIPAA (Health Insurance Port

What is the best individual health insurance plan?

Health insurance is now available to more than ever before.  Subsidized options are easily available to low-income individuals  and families. In the past, many people took t

What do people do for health care when they do not have health insurance?

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires  hospitals to provide emergency care to anyone in need of it, but  that is all that this act requires any hospi

Is individual health insurance required by law?

Individual healthcare is not required by law at this time. However, by 2014, it will be legally required for private citizens to have health insurance. Bu it should be noted t

Is health insurance bussinious insurance?

Do you mean business insurance right?   No, they are collateral of each other. Health insurance can be you  against your medical bill or treatment in the hospitals. While

Where can you find individual health insurance with lupus?

It depends upon what state you live in. If you live in Maine, you can buy an individual health insurance policy and the insurer cannot turn you away. The price will be based u

What is portable supplemental life insurance?

Portable supplemental life insurance is any individual life insurance policy that is not taken through an employer group. The employer provided life insurance coverage will be

Who can buy individual health care insurance?

Anyone can buy individual healthcare insurance. One can purchase  individual healthcare insurance from several online sites such as  Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. 

With what office can an individual file a complaint if they believe a covered entity is not complying with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act?

If you believe that a HIPAA-covered entity or its business  associate violated your (or someone else's) health information  privacy rights or committed another violation of