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Idaho's official nickname is the "Gem State" because of the abundance of natural resources and scenic areas in Idaho. The mountains of Idaho contain veins of gold, silver, lead, zinc, cobalt, copper, and many other rare minerals.
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Where is Idaho?

Idaho is in the Northwestern United States. It is bordered byCanada on the north. Montana and Wyoming on the east. Nevada andUtah on the south, and Oregon and Washington on th

Who were the first known inhabitants of Idaho?

Truth be told, some things are lost to history. The best answer that can be given is the First Nations. Idaho is divided into two cultural areas: the Plateau Culture Area a

What is Idaho best known for?

Not Education Idaho is 49 th in spending per student out of 50 states. If you are training to become a teacher look to other states that treat teachers with respect and as pr

What is the city Arco in Idaho most known for?

It can lay claim to the following credits:. The first town powered by an Atomic Reactor. . Site of Idaho National Laboratory. . Site of the first fatal nuclear reactor fail

Adopted as the state horse of Idaho which saved it from extinction what horse is sometimes known as the raindrop horse for its characteristic spots?

Appaloosa The Appaloosa is far from extinction and has never been close. They first cam on the scene as a separate breed of horse in the 1800's. The foundation Appalossa

How do you get to Idaho?

Boise is one of the most remote cities in the US so it is not easy to get to and it is a city that really has no other city even relatively close/ Trey BuildIdaho.com

Why is Idaho known as the gem state?

Idaho is known as the 'GEM' state because nearly every known gem stone has been found in the state of Idaho. In addition, there are only two places in the world where 'ST
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What man made object is Idaho known for?

You may be referring to the clay figurine found by excavators in Nampa ID in 1889; it is often called the "Nampa doll," and to this day, there are debates among scholars as to