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there r 2 types of main: city ans the main idea. it's something u knw that sticks out the idea of a plot
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What is Main idea?

the ill be about. it may be stated directly or it maybe implied.

What is main memory?

Main memory: Main memory is the computer's internal memory. It is an extension of the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Its function is controlled by the Control Unit (CU)

What is main vent?

A Main Vent is where volcanic acids and lava can escape. higher in the sky

What is main characters?

main characters are the most important people in a film,tv programme,or a stage show . these are some main characters of some films :mickey mouse ,Cinderella , aladdin, Hannah

What is main melody?

A melody is a tune, voice, or repetitive line which tends to be acombination of pitch and rhythm. A main melody is the most used orstrongest sounding melody in the song.

What is main in java?

The main in Java is the entry point of the program. A Javaprogram starts from main. main is a function. Java is an objectoriented language. It means that everything in Java

What is Main Coarse?

I have never heard of a "main coarse" However, a "main course" is the principle part of a formal meal - usually the largest and most elaborate course and with the most acco

What is main artery?

The aorta. This leaves the heart (left ventricle) loops over (aortic arch) and becomes the descending aorta. Their are other arteries that branch off along the way, carotid, b

What is main the matherboard?

the motherboard is the main motherboard. The only way you can have a main motherboard is if you have more than one in a computer witch are usually servers. 99.99999% of comput

What is main engine?

The propulsion engine on a ship or aircraft is the MAIN engine . -Many aircraft and almost all ships have smaller engines just to produce electrical and hydraulic power.
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What is main organs?

If you're talking about the organs of the human body... Heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, bowels, intestines and not forgetting - the skin !
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What is main corse?

A main course if speaking about food is the middle meal after a starter but before a desert. It is the meal that fills you up. A starter is usually small like soup a main cour