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What is Mohandas Gandhi's most famous quote?

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be the change you wish to see in the world is one of Gandhi's favorite quotes
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What is the most famous Hamlet quote?

The most often recited quote from Hamlet is, "To be, or not to be: that is the question". Hamlet quote in (Act III, Scene I). There are other quotes to be mentioned but none a

What is Mohandas Gandhi most famous for?

His Non-violent methods, His weaking of the hatred between the Muslim and Hindu religions, and the Salt Tax March

What was some of Mohandas Gandhi's personal traits?

Gandhi's Character Traits   1. Ambitious- Gandhi always had something planned, no matter what event or activity was planned. For example, he decided to lead the salt march

What were the most famous Roman quotes?

Many of the quotes and phrases that we use regularly today were coined by Roman writers in Latin and preserved throughout the years. Most of the famous quotes are part of larg

What is Mohandas Gandhi's father's job?

Mohandas Gandhi's father's job was a prime minister, as well as his uncle

What was shakespeares most famous quotes?

There is no objective way to prove that something is more famous than something else. However, just about everyone will have heard the quotation "To be or not to be; that is t

What were some of Mohandas Gandhi's goals?

Gandhi wanted everyone to be treated equally,     Non violence,     He also said love thy neighbour as thyself (treat others how you wish to be treated.)   
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What are the most famous quotes to live by?

A few famous quotes would be, Turn the other cheek, a person will miss 100 percent of the shots they never take, if a person fails, try again and a person only has one time to