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What is Peter Pans Mom's Name?

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Peter Pan is a mythical character, spontaneously created, and has no parents or normal family life. a vaguely Robin-Hood llike costume to fit the boy who never grows up, so to speak. In fact the same costume has been sold for both Robin Hood (usualkly with archery gear) and Peter Pan, a very early form of camouflage get-up. For some odd reason female actresses are often cast in the role such as the late Mary Martin and more recently Sandy Denny ( who also played Pinocchio, another male character) Shirley Temple did some male roles also, maybe more tractable than little Rascals types but it is odd. Odd in #3.00 bill sense?
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What are the characters names in Peter Pan?

Well first, obviously Peter. Then Wendy, Micheal, and John (the kids), there parents are George and Mary, Captain James Hook, Mr. Smee, Tinkerbell, Nana the dog, Tigerlily(Ind

What is peter pans last name?

that answer is lost to us. peter was to young to remember his real last name, because he ran away at such a young age in the fear of growing up. this may shock you but if he w