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Sweden is a souvereign state in the north of Europe on the peninsula of Scandinavia. It borders to Norway and Finland on land. It borders to those countries over seas: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Russia (through Russia's enclave Kaliningrad).
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What is Sweden known for?

easy, winter sports and sweedish meetballs, the Nobel prize, IKEA, Astrid Lindgren. and lots of other things The midnight sun, the snowbound winters, meatballs, herring, Vikin

What is Sweden nearest ocean?

The areas of water nearest to Sweden are the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea. The nearest oceans are the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans.

What is Sweden famous for?

Ingmar Bergman the director, Olof Palme, Carl von Linne' who was the one naming and categorizing all the flowers and discovered their sex life hence the "birds and the bees".

What is Sweden nickname?

There is no official nickname for Sweden, but 'Land of the Midnight Sun' is common.

What is Sweden official symbol?

The swedish people is very proud of it's cultural heritage, often symbolized by the clothes and traditinos from the region Dalarna located in the middle of the country to the

What is Sweden fames for?

The Nobel prize, Vikings, Ericsson cellphones, Ikea, ABBA, SAAB, Volvo, meatballs, Dalahäst (Dalarna wooden horses), Absolut vodka, Blond Swedish Women,Swedish Chef (muppet

What is Sweden famous art?

Bruno Liljefors Carl Milles Anders Zorn Carl Larsson Carl Eldh Nils von Dardel Carl Milles Alexander Roslin
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What is Sweden characteristics?

Swedes are usually very punctual. If you want to be like a Swede,it is better to arrive five minutes early than five minutes late.In informal situations, being late is normall