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Well the treatment of low albumin depends on the cause. In general many diseases can cause low labumin levels, such as infections, alcohol intake, cancers, bad nutritional habits too (low protein food).
So the treatment must be directed toward the cause first, and if albumin level is extreemly low so albumin infusion could be a good way to increase albumin deficiency.
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What is micro albumin?

  Microalbumin Urine Test   Micro: Tiny, very small amount. Albumin: A protein playing a very important role in the blood.   A microalbumin test checks urine for

What would be the benefit of giving intravenous albumin to a patient who has experienced fluid loss and has low blood volume?

When fluids like saline are administered IV they equilibrate with the total body water. That is, most of the fluids leak out of the vasculature and wind up in the interstitial

Is albumin a macromolecule?

Yes, it is a protein.

What is the osmolarity of albumin?

  Both 5% and 25% albumin USP have a calculated osmolarity near 300 mOsm/L. How do I calculate that? The package inserts for both strengths state they contain 145 mEq/L of

Function of albumin?

Albumin is essential for maintaining the osmotic pressure needed for proper distribution of body fluids between intravascular compartments and body tissues. It also acts as a

What is albumin?

albumin the define wordany of a class of simple, sulfur-containing, water-soluble proteins that coagulate when heated, occurring in egg white, milk, blood, and other animal an

Treatment for low hemoglobin?

Give Iron preparations (Ferrous and Ferric salts) orally or by injections. Give iron containing foods eg. drumsticks, green leafy vegetables.
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What is albumin-?

Albumin is a protein made by the liver. A serum albumin test  measures the amount of this protein in the clear liquid portion of  the blood.

How long can you live with low blood oxygen and no treatment?

Depends how low. I have low oxygenation, and I am doing --- argh. Just kidding about the "argh". If the oxygen level gets low, you go to sleep (before you die). OH, by the way