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What is a 1970 dollar worth compared to a 2008 dollar?

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$5.54 in the year 2008 has the same "purchase power" as $1 in the year 1970.
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How much is a 1970s silver dollar worth?

  All dollar coins made for circulation in the 1970s were all made of cupro-nickel, like dimes and quarters, and are only worth face value. Some uncirculated and proof c

What is a 1977 dollar worth compared to 2008 dollar?

  If a dollar bill were printed in 1977, it would be worth $1.00 right now (in 2008).     If a $20 bill were printed in 1977, it would be worth $20.00 right now (in

What is a 1970 eisenhauer half dollar worth?

Eisenhower, not "Eisenhauer".    Also not a half dollar or not 1970. Ike's picture was on $1 coins dated 1971-78. JFK's picture has been on the half dollar since 1964

What are liberty dollars worth from 1970 to 1978?

No such thing as a "Liberty Dollar" and no U.S. dollar coins dated 1970 exist. Eisenhower dollars were struck from 1971 to 1978. All of them that were released into circulatio