What is a 401 k retirement plan?

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it is a retirement plan wherein employees have a right to agree to a reduction in salary in exchange for a comparable employer contribution to a qualified trust. The amount deferred and accumulated investment earnings are excluded from current income and are taxed only when distributed.
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What is 401 k plan?

A 401K plan is a retirement plan that you can save with that issponsored by your employer. It allows workers to save and investtheir paycheck prior to taxes being taken out.

What is 401 K or 401 B?

Both are retirement savings plans in US ONLY. Check related links if you want to read more.

Can you borrow money from your 401 K plan to finish a house?

If you can. Some companies that people work for don't have the options for their employees to borrow against their 401k. So if your able to then you are borrowing against your