What is a 62282 services 17 jewel incabloc watch?

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What is 17 jewel watch?

The shaft ends of the faster moving wheels and gears have conical points that ride in small jewels (ruby usually). This assures minimum friction for the movement. The "odd" nu

What is a 17 jewel watch worth?

A 17 jewel watch is worth different amounts, depending on the makeand condition. As of 2014, a 17 jewel watch will most likely bringno more than 100 dollars.

What does 17 jewels on a watch mean?

Reducing friction is important to watchmaking. Instead of metal moving against metal, watch makers discovered that jewels cause little friction or wear. Jewels are hard
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What does it mean when it says 17 jewels in a watch?

It just means there's 17 jewels in the movement. Typically jewelsare mostly used in mechanical watches. The jewels are tiny piecesof [usually manmade] rubies that serve as low