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There is no such thing as a C1 rank in the Navy, Marines, Army or Air Force.
The only rank listings are E-1 to E-9, W-1 to W-5, and O-1 to O-10. Then there's the General of the Army, General of the Air Force, and the Fleet Admiral, but they are reserved for wartime only.

To find what you may be looking for go to: http://www.d8cr.org/militaryranks.htm
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What are the navy seals ranks?

The U.S. Navy SEALs are a special operations unit of the U.S. Navy and go by the same ranks as any other sailor would.

What is the US Navy rank an?

AN indicates the rank of airman or E-3 in the field of aviation. not to be confused with the us airforce's use of the term airman to describe all of their personnell

What are the ranks in the U.S. Navy?

The U.S. Navy's rank structure is made up of 3 primary groups, withvariations on each: Enlisted - The enlisted community form thebackbone of the Navy, and are responsible for performing most ofthe shipboard or base operations on a daily basis. Enlisted sailorsare technical specialists in their fields, and it is the primaryfunction of senior enlisted sailors to help train junior officers,as well as to lead and train junior enlisted sailors. Warrant Officer - Warrant Officers arecommissioned officers with a focus on a specific technical area notcovered by regular commissioned line officers, who have a broaderbased focus concerning operations. They are typically seniorenlisted sailors who have received commissions. Their rank insigniashows their specialty. Commissioned Officers - Commissioned Officers fallinto 3 groups: Unrestricted Line, Restricted Line, and Staff Corps.Unrestricted Line Officers are the ones who command and lead combatunits. Restricted Line Officers are those who perform specificfunctions within those commands, e.g., Engineers. Staff CorpsOfficers are those in other specialty areas - Chaplain Corps,Medical, Supply, etc. ENLISTED RANKS For the first 3 ranks, the designation is based on the sailor'sarea of training (strikers); regular operations, engineering, oraviation. At E-4 (Petty Officer 3rd Class, the Navy'sNon-Commissioned Officer ranks), the individual rate specialty isdesignated on their rank insignia. The following information ispresented as paygrade, rank, and insignia, from lowest to highest: Strikers Strikers are sailors who haven't chosen a specific career path, butare in one of 3 technical disciplines - Seaman, Fireman(Engineering Rates), and Airman (Aviation Rates). The stripes areWhite, Red, and Green respectively. E-1 - Seaman/Fireman/Airman Recruit (SR, FR, AR) -1 stripe E-2 - Seaman/Fireman/Airman Apprentice (SA, FA,AA) - 2 stripes E-3 - Seaman/Fireman/Airman (SN, FN, AN)- 3stripes Non-Commissioned Officers (Petty Officers) E-4 - Petty Officer 3rd Class - 1 Chevron E-5 - Petty Officer 2nd Class - 2 Chevrons E-6 - Petty Officer 1st Class - 3 Chevrons E-7 - Chief Petty Officer - 3 Chevrons w/cap E-8 - Senior Chief Petty Officer - 3 Chevronsw/cap, 1 silver star E-9 - Master Chief Petty Officer - 3 Chevronsw/cap, 2 silver stars The ranks of Command Master Chief, Force Master Chief or MasterChief Petty Officer of the Navy still hold the paygrade of E-9;however, their positions entitle them to distinguishing rankinsignia above other E-9's. The standard insignia for a MasterChief is 3 Chevrons w/cap, 2 silver stars, with a small ratingbadge as part of the overall insignia. For Command Master Chief,the rating insignia is replaced with one large silver star inaddition to the standard 2 small silver stars of the rank; ForceMaster Chief, 1 large gold star and 2 small gold stars; and MasterChief Petty Officer of the Navy, 1 large gold star and 3 small goldstars. The designation is presented as rate and rank, with any warfaredesignation afterward. For example, my rate/rank/warfaredesignation was STS1/SS, which stands for Sonar Technician(Submarines) First Class, Submersible Ships (Submarine WarfareQualified). For Recruits and Strikers, their stripes indicate the area they'retraining in: White for regular sailors, Red for Engineering rates,Green for Aviation rates. For Petty Officers, Chevrons and 4-year hash marks red (red, wornon blues, and blue, worn on whites, worn on the left sleeve) untilthe sailor achieves 12 consecutive years of Good Conduct, at whichpoint they are entitled to gold chevrons and gold sleeve stripes (4years for each stripe). CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER RANKS Chief Warrant Officers are taken from the senior enlisted ranks,and are members who have completed the CWO program. After acceptinga commission, they serve in their particular technical specialty,unlike commissioned line officers. W-2 - Chief Warrant Officer 2 - Black Epaulet withtechnical specialty insignia, 2 vertical gold bars over blue field. W-3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3 - Black Epaulet withtechnical specialty insignia, 3 vertical gold bars over blue field. W-4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4 - Black Epaulet withtechnical specialty insignia, 2 horizontal gold bars over bluefield. W-5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5 - Black Epaulet withtechnical specialty insignia, 4 horizontal gold bars over bluefield. COMMISSIONED OFFICER RANKS O-1 - Ensign - Black Epaulet w/ 1 gold star and 1"gold stripe O-2 - Lieutenant (Junior Grade (Lt.(JG)) - BlackEpaulet w/ 1 gold star, one 1" gold stripe, and one 1/2" goldstripe. O-3 - Lieutenant - Black Epaulet w/ 1 gold star,two 1" gold stripes. O-4 - Lieutenant Commander - Black Epaulet w/ 1gold star, two 1" gold stripes, and one 1/2" gold stripe. O-5 - Commander - Black Epaulet w/ 1 gold star,three 1" gold stripes. O-6 - Captain - Black Epaulet w/ 1 gold star, 4 1"gold stripes. O-7 - Rear Admiral (Lower Half) - Gold Epaulet w/1 silver star. O-8 - Rear Admiral - Gold Epaulet w/ 2 silverstars. O-9 - Vice Admiral - Gold Epaulet w/ 3 silverstars. O-10 - Admiral - Gold Epaulet w/ 4 silver stars. O-11 - Fleet Admiral - Gold Epaulet w/ 5 silverstars (currently inactive) Line Officers have fouled anchor insignia (Admirals) or stars/goldrank bars on their epaulets, while Staff Corps Officers will havetheir specialty insignia on their epaulet instead, e.g., a goldcaduceus on a Medical Officer's epaulet along with rank bars. The 4-Star rank of Admiral is actually an appointed rank that comeswith the position of appointment. Admirals considered for 4-Starpositions are nominated by the President and confirmed by theSenate. For example, the Chief of Naval Operations and Vice Chiefof Naval Operations are both 4-Star ranks, but after they leave,they revert to their previous rank. For retirement pay purposesthough, they receive the rate of their highest rank. The reason that 4-Star Admirals revert to their previous ranks isthat by law, there is a specific cap limit on how many Admiralsthere can be, and that number is 216. Of those, only 16.3% can beof 2-Star rank, and of that percentage, only 25% can hold 4-Starrank positions. This equates to 9 Admirals. The 4-Star position includes the Coast Guard, Public Health ServiceCommissioned Corps, and NOAA Commissioned Corps for cap limitpurposes. By law, several positions are reserved for 4-StarAdmirals: Chief of Naval Operations Vice Chief of Naval Operations Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion (NavalReactors) Commandant of the Coast Guard Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (ifappoin ted) Some positions, however, don't count toward the limit - e.g.,Director of Central Intelligence, Joint Command (Supreme AlliedCommander, Europe, etc.). Of course in time of war or emergency thePresident can waive the cap rules. The 5-Star rank of Fleet Admiral is a ceremonial one, and hasn'tbeen held for about 44 years. The rank is held until the persondies - the last one to hold the position was Fleet Admiral ChesterW. Nimitz, who died in February 1966. Please see the related links to the U.S. Navy website for furtherinformation.

Highest rank us navy?

Admiral. There are 4 "levels" of admiral, beginning with rear admiral (lower half), then rear admiral (upper half), vice admiral and then admiral. During wartime, the Navy has had a rank of Fleet Admiral, a rank held by commanders of major components of the Navy, such as Chester Nimitz in World War 2. Additionally, the Navy's highest Admiral in terms of position is the Chief of Naval Operations.. The highest enlisted rank is Master Chief Petty Officer.

What are the levels of rank in the navy?

Enlisted: E-1 Seaman Recruit E-2 Seaman Apprentice E-3 Seaman E-4 Petty Officer Third Class E-5 Petty Officer Second Class E-6 Petty Officer First Class E-7 Chief Petty Officer E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Warrant Officers: W-2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 W-3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 W-4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 W-5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 Commissioned Officers: O-1 Ensign O-2 Lieutenant, Junior Grade O-3 Lieutenant O-4 Lieutenant Commander O-5 Commander O-6 Captain O-7 Rear Admiral (Lower Half) O-8 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-9 Vice Admiral O-10 Admiral

What are the United States navy rankings?

They're all listed on this webpage: http://www.militaryfactory.com/ranks/index.asp\n. \nBut as I understand it, the basic gradations are: Seaman, Petty Officer, Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Admiral

What are of ranks in the U.S. Navy?

Beginning with the enlisted men and moving up, the ranks are . Seamen Recruit . Seaman Apprentice . Seaman . Petty Officer Third Class . Petty Officer Second Class . Petty Officer First Class . Chief Petty Officer . Senior Chief Petty Officer . Master Chief Petty Officer . Chief Warrant Officer Two, . Chief Warrant Officer Three, . Chief Warrant Officer Four . Chief Warrant Officer Five . Ensign . Lieutenant Junior Grade . Lieutenant . Lieutenant Commander . Commander . Captain . Rear Admiral Lower Half, (Commodore) . Rear Admiral Upper Half, . Vice Admiral . Admiral . In addition to the rates (or "ranks") of enlisted men, there are specialties or ratings in the enlisted ranks that speak to the specialties of men and women who wear them. Just a couple of examples are the Boatswain's Mate and the Machinist Mate. Links can be found below.

What are the the ranks in the Royal Navy UK?

Rates and ranks of the Royal Navy in ascending order: . Able Seaman . Leading Rate . Petty Officer . Chief Petty Officer . Warrant Officer 2 . Warrant Officer 1 . Officer Cadet . Midshipman . Sub-Lieutenant . Lieutenant . Lieutenant-Commander . Commander . Captain . Commodore . Rear-Admiral . Vice-Admiral . Admiral . Admiral of the Fleet

Ranks of the royal navy?

Officer Cadet. Midshipman. Sub- Lieutenant. Lieutenant. Lieutenant- Commander. Commander. Captain. Commodore. Rear Admiral. Vice Admiral. Admiral. Admiral of the Fleet

What are the ranks of the canadian navy?

OS - Ordinary Seaman AB - Able Seaman LS - Leading Seaman MS - Master Seaman PO2 - Petty Officer 2nd Class PO1 - Petty Officer 1st Class CPO2 - Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class CPO1 - Chief Petty Officer 1st Class NCDT - Naval Cadet ASLT - Acting Sub-Lieutenant SLT - Sub-Lieutenant Lt - Lieutenant LCdr - Lieutenant-Commander Cdr - Commander Capt - Captain Cmdr - Commodore RAdm - Rear-Admiral VAdm - Vice-Admiral Adm - Admiral

What are the ranks on the royal navy?

For males the NCO ranks are Chief Petty Officer, Petty Officer and Leading Hand.. The other ranks are: Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral, Vice and then Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant-Commander, Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant, and Acting Sub-Lieutenant.. The woman have different rankings.

Ranks in the navy?

For Officers the ranks are: . Admiral of the Fleet . Admiral . Vice Admiral . Rear Admiral and Commodore 1st Class . Commodore . Captain . Commander . Lieutenant .

How do Navy Officers earn rank?

Unlike Enlisted ranks, Commissioned Naval Officers advance by a different set of standards, though time at current rank is one thing that both have in common. Officers, depending upon their career path (Line Officer, Engineer Officer, JAG, Medical, etc.) must fulfill certain responsibilities, as well as have the support and recommendation of their Commanding Officer. Evaluations are much more important for rank progression for Commissioned Officers than they are for Non-Coms, in which Evals are only part of the overall advancement percentage. Officer Evals are essentially what makes or breaks whether or not they progress or not. A single mistake can literally ruin an Officer's career - I've seen it more than once. For example, on a Nuclear Powered vessel, mistakes of any kind are not tolerated - period, and on the rare occasion they happen, they are dealt with severely. I remember a Lt. who missed a clerical mistake on a tag for an engine room component. The resulting letter in is record ruined any hope he had for advancement. Of course the fact that the error was caught be a Naval Reactors inspector on a surprise audit didn't help his situation much either.... Fitness evaluations (FitReps, or Fitness Reports) are also a large part of an Officer's advancement. Each service record includes a full top-bottom picture of the Officer in question, in full uniform, standing at attention. The Navy does not want slackers in command, and Commanding Officers are who the public will see if that ship is someday in the news for whatever reason. Unfair? Maybe, but there's a lot more to it than you might think. While it's technically supposed to be as important as the overall evaluation, the FitRep is in fact one of the biggest factors for advancement. Why? If you're not able to maintain yourself and your own fitness, how are you going to be able to command a vessel or shore installation? Would you want someone who can't control his own habits in charge of a nuclear powered warship with nuclear weapons? Standards are very stringent for certain career paths, and they need to be for a very good reason. Being in command means being perfect, or at least appearing to be. A Captain of ship at sea is God, literally, to those on board, and the Navy cannot afford to promote those who aren't capable. While the evaluations and selections might at times seem biased, (it's a fact that Academy graduates get better positions than ROTC grads do) the system has proven that it works. It's a bit different for non Line Officers - JAG's, MO's, Supply Officers, etc., those that aren't command responsible for the most part. While there of course are those in those fields that command, there aren't as many as there are Line Officers, and the Navy isn't as concerned, at least in most areas. In those areas where the command might be of an extremely critical nature, you can bet the requirements are every bit as stringent as they are for Line Officers. So - 1. Time in current Rank 2. Responsibilities/Command/Supervision at that Rank 3. CO / XO Recommendations & Evaluations of the Officer at that Rank 4. The Officer's FitRep. 5. No negatives in the Service Record. It only takes one to derail a career.

What is QMC rank in the Navy?

A QMC is a Navy Chief Quartermaster, the people who help navigate the ship or boat. A QMC is an Enlisted rank of E-7, the first level of Chief. Quartermasters also take care of flags, logs, charts, etc. They are among the most important members of any afloat command.

What rank is YN1 Navy?

YN stands for Yeoman. The 1 indicates a First Class Petty Officer. They would be an E-6 on the pay charts..

What is navy rank commodore?

The rank of Commodore isn't an actual Navy rank in modern times, and hasn't been since the days of sailing vessels. It's an honorary title, usually given to a senior Navy Captain in charge of a Squadron of Ships or Submarines. Given that Squadron unit commands are commanded by either Captains or Commanders, the title is given to the Squadron Commander as a way of distinguishing him/her as the Senior officer in command. This applies whether or not there are Captains in the Squadron who are actually senior in rank (though that rarely occurs).

What is the rank of a driver in navy?

"Drivers" in the US Navy carry any and all ranks. Consider also that there are drivers for all types of equipment, and each has his own rating in the Navy. Rank has little to do with rating, MOS, or jobs in the military.

Ranking of navies in the world?

1.) Russia/USA - Russia with 233 ships in it's navy. The U.S. with 289. Both are the most powerful Navies in the world, and are capable of enforcing their presence world wide. These two can not be separated at this time. 2.) Peoples Republic of China - 405 total major surface vessels. New technologies, and economic achievements in China has given rise to a new Chinese military. Namely their Navy which has seen a large boost in the past decade. 3.) France/United Kingdom - France with 81 major warships. The UK. with 105. Both operate large numbers of advanced systems and ships. And are both regional powers.

What rank is ENFN in the Navy?

An ENFN is an E3 in the United States Navy. The rate ENFN standsfor Engineman, Fireman, and is the last rate before the servicemanbecomes a non commissioned petty officer.

How do people make rank in the Navy?

They meet the requirements for promotion. They have to do their job well enough to be recommended for promotion. They have to have completed the appropriate course work. They have to appear before the promotion board, either in person, or via their service record. And they have to take a promotion test and be in a certain percentile at the top..

How do you rise in rank in the navy?

There are a number of things that have to be done. You have to be recommended for promotion by your chain of command. You have to have the appropriate time in your current rank. And there are certain courses that must be completed for promotion..

What rank is Cm2 in the Navy?

2 is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are a 2nd Class Petty Officer, an E-5. CM is the specialty of Construction Mechanic. Normally they are assigned to a Construction Battalion and work on heavy machinery, such as bulldozers..

What navy rank is f2c?

It is a designation no longer used in the US Navy. In the US Navy, enlisted personnel who have not yet made rate (promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class), are designated as seaman (white hash stripes), airman (green hash stripes), or fireman (red hash stripes) depending on what rate they are 'striking' for. Years ago, a sailor could be Fireman 1st Class (F1c), Fireman 2nd Class (F2c), or Fireman 3rd Class (F3c). Today, the ranks are Fireman (FN; pay grade E-3), Fireman Apprentice (FA; pay grade E-2), and Fireman Recruit (FR; pay grade E-1), respectively.

What is the rank ITN 3 in navy?

There is no such thing as ITN in the Navy. There is IT which is Information Systems Technician. The 3 is their Rank, which would be 3rd class.

What are the order of ranks of Indian Navy?

Ranks in Navy:- The ranks of the Indian Navy is divided into two major parts. They are . Commissioned Officers . Junior Commissioned Officers. These are the ranks of the Commissioned Officers in Indian Navy in descending order based on their power. . Admiral of the Fleet . Admiral . Vice Admiral . Rear Admiral . Commodore . Captain . Commander . Lieutenant Commander . Lieutenant . Sub Lieutenant These are the Ranks of the Commissioned Officers of the Indian Navy. THE RANK OF MIDSHIPMAN IS ALSO PRESENT IN THE NAVY. CADETS BEFORE THEY BECOME COMMISSIONED OFFICERS BECOME MIDSIPMEN. THE MIDSHIPMAN IS A SUBORDINATE OFFICER. YOU CAN CONSIDER HIM TO BE A JUNIOR OFFICER. ONLY PERMANENT COMMISION OFFICERS GET TO THE RANK OF MIDSHIPMAN, OTHERS DIRECTLY BECOME SUBLIEUTENANT. The follow are the Ranks of the Junior Commissioned Officers . Master Chief Petty Officer (1st Class) . Master Chief Petty Officer (2nd Class) . Chief Petty Officer . Petty Officer . Leading Seaman . Seaman I . Seaman II

What are the ranks of the u s navy?

Enlisted ranks go fro E-1 to E-9 Warrant ranks from W-1 to W-4 Officer ranks from O-1to O-9 Enlisted are recruit, apprentice, seaman, petty officer 3rd class, 2nd class and 1st class, Chief Petty officer, Senior chief Petty Officer and Master chief Petty Officer. Officers start at Ensign, Lieutenant Junior grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain and the Admiralty ranks.

Is SSK3C a US Navy rank?

Not SSK3c, but SK3c is the old rate designation for Ship's Storekeeper, 3rd Class. The Storekeeper rate, one of the oldest in the Navy, has always used the designator SK. Today the rate/rank would be designated SK3.

What rank is a navy engineering officer?

It depends entirely on the size of the vessel and power plant. For nuclear vessels, the minimum rank requirement is Lieutenant Commander. Smaller vessels with conventional power can use anyone from a Petty Officer to a Lieutenant.

What is navy rank Mm2c?

Mm2c is the old (WWI/II) rate designation for a Machinist's Mate Second Class. The modern equivalent is MM2. In both cases, the rank is a 2nd Class Petty Officer (E-5).

What is us navy rank V6?

There is no rank V6 in the US Navy. You might mean one of the following: - E6 > Enlisted, Paygrade E-6, Petty Officer First Class (PO1) - O6 > Officer, Paygrade O-6, Captain (CAPT)

What was Robert Kennedy's rank in the navy?

Robert F. Kennedy was in the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1943-1946, enlisting as a Seaman Apprentice. Asking to be released from Officer training, he served a Seaman Apprentice onboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr ., named for his Navy Lt. brother, a Naval Aviator who was KIA during a highly dangerous mission in the European Theater during WWII. Robert Kennedy joined the ship in January '46, and was honorably discharged in May that same year.

What Are The Ranks In The Royal Australian Navy?

Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Comordore Capitan commander Leiteanant Commander Leitenant Sub Leitenant Acting Sub Leitenant MidshipMan (start Here If You Have Been To The Austraian Defense Force Acadmy(ADFA)) Warrent Officer Navy Warrent Officer Cheif Petty Officer Petty Officer Leading Seaman Able Seaman Seaman

What rank is Chief Select in the Navy?

A Chief Select is still a First Class (E-6) until they go through the ceremony and are actually frocked (promoted) to E-7. Of course, like any frocking, it doesn't mean you'll actually start getting paid for the rank right away.

What rank is stg 3 in the navy?

STG3 stands for Sonar Technician (Guns), or a surface ship Sonar Tech, 3rd Class Petty Officer. The military paygrade is E-4. The ST rating is split into Submarine and Surface specialties, STS (Sonar Technician (Submarines) and STG. This is primarily due to the fact that for surface ASW combat vessels, Sonar is more of an ancillary function (they rely more on ASW aircraft, e.g., helos and P3's) for acoustic information, whereas Submarine Sonar is a primary function 24/7 while the boat is underway. While the basic sonar training is essentially the same, once you get into advanced maintenance school, it changes considerably, as the STS rating is much more involved and complex.

What is the us navy rank sw?

There is no Navy rate or rank "SW"; SW is a warfare specialty designation that stands for Surface Warfare, or one who has completed qualifications for the SW badge. It's equivalent to a submariner's dolphins badge, or an aviator's wings.

What is the rank of 5 stripes in the navy?

First off, we need to know the location of these stripes. Are they two arched over three "V's" ? Those would be a chief (enlisted rating). If they are long stripes running diagonal on the sleeve, they represent time in service...ie, each one indicates 4 years of service. Hope this helps.

What is so1 in navy seal rank?

SO is the rate designation for Special Operator; the 1 is the rank designation for a Navy First Class Petty Officer. An SO1 is a Special Operator First Class.

What are the ranks of a Navy SEAL?

The SEALs are a part of the US Navy. They use the same ranks as the Navy, enlisted personnel would be petty officers and chief petty officers. The Officer ranks would go from Ensign to Captain.

Where can I find information about navy ranks?

Type "Navy Ranks" into a search engine and you will be presentedwith links to this information. It would also help if you added thecountry for the navey ranks you are interested in.