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What is a CPU hog?

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Windows Vista, Norton Security, McAfee Security...

a computer program that eats unneeded processor speed on your computer to appear that it is doing more than it actually is, or it's just coded really badly.
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What is a hogs tooth?

its a necklace which has a thread put through a hole drilled in round taken from a 7.62*51mm NATO cartridge (standard round for most us marine sniper rifles) (commercially a .

What is a farrow hog?

Farrow hog this is a female pig that is no longer either capable or desirable to breed from in a farming environment

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What is a hog?

In USA, the Swines which are older and weighing above 120 poundsare called as hogs. Younger and weighing less than 120 pounds arecalled pigs. In Britain, all domesticated swin

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What is a CPU?

CPU (central processing unit) the central unit in a computer containing the logic circuitry that performs the instructions of a computer's programs. The CPU performs arithmeti

What is Hog Jowl?

I heard it is the fat part of the meat that's located in the jaws of a hog that can be cooked with peas or other type of food for seasoning, another alias name similar to fatb

What does the CPU do?

The CPU, or Central Processing Unit performs the calculations and  logic functions of the computer. CPU's only perform the most basic  of functions, such as adding the conte
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Why is a CPU?

A CPU is basically a brain CPU stands for  C entral  P rocessing  U nit   Every thing is processed at this thing or chip

What is in a CPU?

A computer contains memory, input devices, output devices and a CPU , or Central Processing Unit. The CPU is the bit that executes the program. The program is a set of instr
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