What is a DEC in Quebec?

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a DEC is a "Diplôme d'études collégiales".
Is means "college degree".

Note that the school system in Quebec:

Primaire (Elementary) : 6 years
Secondaire (High school) : 5 years
CEGEP (college) : 2 years (pre-University) or 3 years (technical degree)
Université (University) : 3 to 7 years (from degree to phD)
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What is a Dec action?

short for "declaratory judgment action", also called "DJ". Usually involves an insurance carrier filing a separate complaint to determine if they should have coverage for a loss or not. (they sue themselves, and have the court/judge decide). It is a safer way for an insurer to deny a claim, leaving (MORE)

Ant and dec?

Their British comedians and presenters from Newcastle, they started on the show Byker Grove and now do shows like Saturday Night Takeaway, I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here, and many more.

What is the Quebec act?

the quebec act is that the roman catholics could hold and run, political office, including seats on the governing council. also, that the Seigneurial system would be retained like it had existed prior to the conquest.

What was the Quebec Act?

it expanded the province of Quebec to the Ohio River Valley, established Roman Catholicism as the official Quebec religion, and set up a government without a respresentative assembly

What was the Battle of Quebec?

The Battle of Quebec (September 13th 1759) was an extremly important date in history. James Wolfe (British), and Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm (French), were at battle. British had 4, 800 regulars, while the French had 4,000 regulars nad 300 militia. Both sides had fewer than 10,000 troops. Both (MORE)

Who discovered Quebec?

Samuel De Champlain == The first European on record as having "discovered" Québec was Jacques Cartier. He claimed Québec for France at Gaspé in 1534, long before Champlain was born. Cartier spent two winters near present-day Québec City on his voyages in 1535-36 and 1541-42. The a (MORE)

What is the terrain in Quebec?

The terrain in Quebec is varied, as it is the largest province in area. It contains thousands of lakes, as well as plenty of rivers running through it. The northernmost part of Quebec is skirting on the Arctic, so the terrain there is much like Arctic tundra sort of plains. Southern Quebec is much l (MORE)

Is Quebec mountainous?

Answer . Yes, in places, there is a lot of flat land too. The St. Lawrence valley and south of the river is quite flat though there are some peculiar old eroded volcanoes popping out of plains in the eastern townships. The north side of the river is much more textured and these mountains are call (MORE)

What is the mening of decative?

i was watching shanghai nights when roy called john a decative philistine, i tried to look up decative in the dictionary only to realize decative isn't a word... i then looked up the movie script only to discover that what he actually said was decadent philistine. i think the word your looking for (MORE)

What is Quebec famous for?

quebec is famous for the people like Celine Dion, and simple plan! it also is famous for like poutine and other foods. the carnival in quebec is also pretty large and famous!! hopes this helps! :P :)

What does Quebec mean?

The name Québec come from the work Képek, wich is the Algonquin word for narrow. It was a reference a part of the Saint Lawrence River near Quebec City where it become narrow.

What grows in Quebec?

The ordinary crops include corn, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, and lettuce, as well as apples, and various berries on a seasonal basis.

Is Montreal in Quebec?

Yes Montreal is in the province of Quebec and there is also a city called Quebec in the province of Quebec.

What is the meaning of DECS?

DECS stands for: Department of Education, Culture and Sports (Filipino; Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, Kultura at Palakasan; Philippines)

How poor is Quebec?

Quebec is not poor in the literal sense. The thing is that it has a very high public debt but also offers very expensive public services which explain partially that debt. While many says those services are paid by the payment transfers it is only true for a quite small percentage of total expenses* (MORE)

What are facts about Quebec?

Answer . Quebec is mainly a french speaking province,Samuel de Champlain was the founder of quebec. · The most photographed hotel in the world is the Château Frontenac in Quebec city · The thinnest house n North America, at only 12 feet (3.7 meters) long, is located on Rue Donn (MORE)

Why Is Quebec Important?

it's nto important, it's just special since we are the only french nation in all America from deep south to north

What was Quebec?

Quebec is a old city, found in Canada. Quebec's capitol city is Quebec City. Quebec was founded in 1608.

What is dec ignou?


Where did Quebec get its name from?

it comes from the algonquians that named the place Kebec which means in french : Là ou le fleuvre rétrécit translation: Where the river shrinks it's all logical it actually means were the river small ens oops i mean smallens

How do you pronounce 'Quebec'?

In English, you would pronounce it 'Kwuh-beck', but in French, you would pronounce it 'Kay-beck' (as the first 'e' is accented).

What is the farming of Quebec?

In Quebec, There is not much farming done because of the landform called the Canadian shield: Flat rocks covered in vast forests with poor soil.

Are there lakes in Quebec?

To quote an authority "In all, Quebec counts over a million lakes and 130,000 streams of which 4500 are rivers.". Therefore I will give you the link below -

Who is ant and dec?

Ant and dec are two comidens they present many shows eg:Britain's got talent, ant and decs Saturday night takeaway and im a celbrity get me out of here...ect.. they new each other scince they was 13 i think ,i love them sooo much my email address is:dragonlips@hotmail.com or antanddecno1@hotmail.co (MORE)

What is Quebec known for?

Quebec is known for there language. and it's nice nice hotels and resturantes plus it's attractions.

What continent is Quebec in?

Quebec is a province that is located in the continent of NorthAmerica. It is located in the northwestern region of thiscontinent.

What is a Dec of gas?

A dec is a short term way of saying e3/m3, which means 1000m3 of gas. 1 e3m3 = 1 dec 1 e3m3 = 1000m3 of gas at standard conditions.

Why is quebec called quebec?

because it comes from the name webrootabute Please ignore this first answer the correct reason is because since the natives were the first ones to live there they named it kebec

Is Quebec hilly?

Yes it's very hilly. Especially in the Vieux Qeuebc, the more you get close to the castle, the more hilly it gets.

What is the dec of indep?

the declaration of independence is a document separating the 13 colonies from Great Britain for good

Why did Quebec get the name Quebec?

Ce toponyme provient de l'algonquien « kebec » ou « kepac » qui signifie « rétrécissement, passage étroit », nom qui fait sans doute référence au fleuve Saint-Laurent qui se rétrécit avant d'arriver devant la ville de Québec - Dude, Im english...can any (MORE)

Is Quebec and Quebec City the same?

It depends, Quebec is a province in Eastern Canada, whilst Quebec City is the capital of said province, but is sometimes alternatively labeled 'Quebec'.

What does Quebec have to offer?

Very high taxes and outrageous user fees for just about everything. At one time the services offered in Quebec where good and that made the fees paid a bit more worth while, but in recent years cut back in services and raised fees and taxes force people to leave.

Do they kayak in Quebec?

YES! Quebec is surrounded by amazing white water rivers. Modern extreme paddlers paddle these rivers with over 15ft waves and 20ft hyrolics. Freestyle kayaking is also very popular in quebec with moves like 'airscrews' 'mc nasties' and 'pistol flips' being performed on waves. Check out youtube and s (MORE)

Is Quebec Special?

Yes. Out of all the Canadian provinces, Quebec is the only one whereFrench is the sole official language. There is an English-speakingminority but it is not a main language. Quebec was always (since european colonization) inhabited byFrench-speaking citizens mostly. Actually Ontario, Maritimes and1 (MORE)

Is sophiegtv from Quebec?

No, she lives in Surrey, British Columbia. If you watch her SuperGeekFilms Rebecca Black parody, wait until it shows the scene of her friend standing at the stop sign. It will say, City of Surrey.If you type that into maps, it's a fairly small town. And if you pause in time, it will show a part of t (MORE)

What is Quebec know for?

Celine Dion. A strong desire of autonomy/independence from Canada. Huge hydro-power developments and exports to N-E US states. Invention of ice hockey. French language and culture.

What is a DEC-10?

The DEC-10 is formally known as the DEC PDP-10, a mainframe family manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation from 1966 to 1980.

What is famous about Quebec?

Maple syrup, poutine (a Canadian dish from Quebec, made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese), and spruce beer (beer flavored with the buds, needles, or essence of spruce trees)