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A Horst link is a mountain-bike suspension link designed by 'Horst' Leitner of AMP Research in Irvine California. Horst Leitner was the tech pioneer of mountain-bikes and developed the suspension system way back at the beginning of the mountain bike era. He also invented the AMP forks and the first effective disc brake system for mountainbikes.
The Horst rear suspension link patent was sold to and is now owned by Specialized bicycles and called the FSR Link.
The Horst link places a pivot about 25mm forward of and 25mm below the rear axel on the mountain bike's swingarm. This seperates the braking forces from the suspension forces and allows the bike's rear suspension to remain active and neutral when the rear brakes are applied. Normal designs stiffen up when the rear brakes are applied and this causes a trait known as 'Brake-Jack'. The bike loses much of it's suspension when going downhill over bumps when the brakes are applied. The Horst link stops this brake jack effect. The Horst link also prevents pedal induced bobbing by also removing the chain's leverage effect overthe rear swing-arm. This means better pedaling and traction uphill.
The Horst link is probably the best Mountain bike rear suspension design and it is strongly defended by its patent owners who only licence select companies. The original Horst link bike made by Horst Leitner's company AMP-Research was last made as the Mercedes-Benz B5 and is no longer in production.
Horst also made a linkage fork (AMP-Research F4 BLT) which also enjoys many advantages over tele forks. They are no longer made and have become 'Hot Property' on eBay fetching many times their original purchase price.
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