What is a IC extractor?

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An integrated circuit extractor is also known as a chip-puller. This tool helps to safely and quickly remove an integrated circuit from its socket without bending or damaging the pins. It is a tool commonly used in computer manufacturing and repair.
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What are stud extractors?

Stud extractors are tools that are used to remove studs in walls orother surfaces. These can be purchased at home improvement stores.

What is a mist extractor?

A mist extractor, quite simply, removes moist air from a room. Too much moisture can lead to mould.

What does a gun extractor do?

The extractor removes the spent shell after the gun has fired.. I am sure most people think of the extractor as part of a gun. That may well be true. Keep in mind that the ex

What is a tooth extractor?

a tooth extractor is basically a gadget that dentists use to remove you tooth/teeth... some of my friends got there teeth extracted and they said it hurts really bad!
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What is Extractor Fan?

Extract means "pull out", and a fan in this case is probably a propeller-like thingy used to move air. So an extractor fan is something that's used to draw air away from a cer
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What does a comedone extractor do?

A comedone extractor is a tool to remove blemishes, such as blackheads, pimples and whiteheads. The tool has one or two looped ends, with one of them usually ending in a sharp