What is a Puzzle house?

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I found out that it is an American slang for mental hospital.
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How do you unlock the puzzle in the haunted house on poptropica?

The skull picture gets scrambled and you have to put the 9 pieces back in the proper place. You can just reverse the order of moves that scramble it. The Scrambling Moves T

How do you get to the Puzzle Master's House for the Diabolical Box?

How to Unlock all of Layton's Challenges You must take them one at a time. The Musician's house (must have taken 9 photographs and spotted all the differences), The Tea Mas

What do you do after you do the puzzle in Poptropica's haunted house?

You still need the other treasures (total of four) : The lantern - from the bedroom with the two clocks The ice - from the refrigerator The draught - from the high shelf in t

How do you solve the puzzle in poptropica's haunted house?

The Unscrambling Moves for the Skull Puzzle Move column C one square up, column B one squaredown, column A one square up. Then move row 3 one square to theleft, row 2 one sq

On House of Anubis the secrets within where is the second puzzle piece?

It's on the bottom left corner of the main floor next to the front door. It's also near the parlor door, in between the two really. If it's not there, go back into the parlor

Where is the 2nd puzzle piece on house of Anubis?

Change your character to Fabian and ask Amber for the quest. Go to the main hall and it will be in the bottom left hand corner. If Victor is there , he will send you to your r
In House of Anubis

Where in house of Anubis is the sixth puzzle piece?

In House of Anubis, the sixth puzzle piece is in the wall, in the main hall. If you get outside of the main hall you have gone too far. There is a secret spot on the wall to p