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Theater is a way of expressing yourself. By using your role, you can handle the situation by how you would have handled it
Theatre can be precisely defined as

A does B for C
therefore, anything can be theatre.
Drama, however, is a special kind of theatre
A does B as D for C
D=A Character
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What is a theater administrator?

A theatre administrator is a person dealing with all the administrative aspects of the theatre. This is all the paper work, such as organising of the ticketing, times for comp

What is a theater play?

A play is when a story is being told by 2 or more people. The people are called actors. (The women are called actresses) Usually plays are stories, old folk tales, or modern t

What is a theater death?

Theater is a military term for an area. Example: WWII had two main theaters; the European Theater and the Pacific Theater. One lesser known WWII theater was the CBI Theater (C

What is a theater orderly?

Main Duties and Responsibilities : 1. Escorting patients to and from Theatres in a safe and timely manner. 2. Assisting in moving patients from beds to operating tables pr

What is a theater multidisciplinary team?

Multi Disciplinary Theatre is basically a Theatre Production which incorporates a variety of disciplines ie, media, sound, lighting, dance. Not all these elements necessarily

What is a theater critic?

Someone who go to watch all the new plays and musicals and writes about them afterwards in the newspaper.

What is a theater and non-theater death?

For the Vietnam War, it could have two meanings; a casualty in Southeast Asia which would mean the surrounding waters & Laos, Cambodia, North, South Vietnam. Or just in North/

What is a theater troupe?

A Theatre Troupe is a group of actors who travel to different places and perform a show, musical, or another type of theatre art.

What is a theater room?

A theater room is a space in the house where the family gathers along with friends and relatives to enjoy a good movie. It is called a theater room because the room gives the

What is a theater queue?

A line of people at the box office. -------------------------------------------------- Dangerous... it is a queue of people waiting to get into a theatre! the word "Cue

What is a theater orchestra?

A theater orchestra is an orchestra that plays for all the musicals that go on at that theater.
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What is a theater in a round?

It is when the audience sits/ stands in a circular and watches the performance eaither facing in or out ( this is down purely to the desired wish of the actors)

What is a theater degree?

When one goes to theatre school to earn a degree, they can earn either a BA (Bachelor of Arts) or a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). A Bachelor of Fine Arts is a higher degree, be