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Theater is a way of expressing yourself. By using your role, you can handle the situation by how you would have handled it
Theatre can be precisely defined as

A does B for C
therefore, anything can be theatre.
Drama, however, is a special kind of theatre
A does B as D for C
D=A Character
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What makes a theater a Broadway theater?

How many seats it has. Broadway theater, commonly called simply Broadway, is any theatrical performance presented in one of the 40 professional theaters with 500 or more seats

Why is it in the theater?

or the Vietnam War, it could have two meanings; a casualty in Southeast Asia which would mean the surrounding waters & Laos, Cambodia, North, South Vietnam. Or just in North/S

What is a theater orderly?

  Main Duties and Responsibilities : 1. Escorting patients to and from Theatres in a safe and timely manner. 2. Assisting in moving patients from beds to operating tab

What is the difference between theater and theater?

People in the theatre world tend to spell it "theatre" and those  who are not spell it "theater." The basic difference as it was  explained to me by one of my theatre profes

What kind of theater is the Broadway Theater?

Some of it is music theater and some of it is dramatic theater but  it is best known for it's musical theater    Broadway is a commercial theater. The price of admissi

What theater was before the globe theater?

Before Set stages or theatres plays were normally preformed in pubs  and such or large outdoor spaces. Play's were preformed durng the  day to make use of natural sunlight.

What was Greek theater about?

Formal Greek Theater may have arose out of oral traditional stories and most surviving Greek plays reference elements of Greek myths and the mythical gods. Nearly all Greek pl

When was the theater invented?

 The theater was invented in Greece on Febuary 8th, 1626.    This is if you are referring to the classic theater: stage, etc.   If you mean the performing art

What is a theater troupe?

A Theatre Troupe is a group of actors who travel to different places and perform a show, musical, or another type of theatre art.

Where did theater start?

okay theatre started in ancient Greece for the greek god Dionysus

What rhymes with theater?

Rhymes with theater: AbaterBaiterBaterCheaterCreatorDaterDebaterDeflaterEquatorEvaderFreighterGatorHaterHeaterInvaderLaterMaterRelaterSeaterSlaterStaterStraighterTraderTraito

When did theater start?

A man named Thebes was the first actor. (thats why they are called thesbians) And they also began in the Ancient Greece as they got bored of there everyday things that they be

What is theater in education?

When schools take students to the theatre it is usually to see a particular production. TiE, on the other hand, starts with an educational topic or debate and develops a show