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What is a Winchester X150 muzzle loader worth?

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I haven't seen one sell for over $200 in a while.
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What is your Thompson Center Thunder Hawk muzzle loader worth?

I own a 2000 year Thunderhawk in stainless steel with a composite stock. I have given it a value of about $300 or so. I have a Westfield scope on it, and a 209 primer conver

What is a muzzle loader?

A 'muzzle loader' is any firearm (or cannon) which does not have a breech mechanism and which is 'charged' (loaded with powder and shot) from the muzzle end of the barrel.

What was significant about the muzzle loader in the 1800s?

when weapons went from flintlock to percussion, chances of mis-fire due to wet powder ceased. with the flint lock the powder was exposed to some degree thus allowing it to get