Your first published book, Final Crossing, was in fact the fifth book you tried to get published. What advice can you give to aspiring authors who have also been rejected?

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Can a convicted felon have a muzzle loader gun?

Under US FEDERAL law, they can have a caplock or flintlock. They cannot have a muzzle loader that uses 209 shotshell primers (primers are considered modern ammunition) However
What is a muzzle loader?

What is a muzzle loader?

  A 'muzzle loader' is any firearm (or cannon) which does not have a breech mechanism and which is 'charged' (loaded with powder and shot) from the muzzle end of the barre
Can a felon own muzzle loader in IN?

Can a felon own muzzle loader in IN?

Under Federal law, (18 US Code, section 922) a muzzleloader that does not readily convert to a regular firearm, and uses percussion caps or flint (NO #209 primers) is not a fi

Is a muzzle loader a fire arm?

Yes. Even though the laws pertaining to their ownership differ in certain areas from those of conventional firearms, they are still firearms, both by definition, and by law.

Why won't bullets seat after the first shot in a 50 cal Winchester Apex black powder muzzle loader?

  The simple answer is fouling in the barrel from the powder. Any BP gun needs to have the barrel "seasoned" much like a cast iron pan. Cleaning after each shot is the bes

Can a felon Hunt with a muzzle loader in NJ?

   The previous answer was definitely wrong.  The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) prohibits felons and certain  other persons from possessing or receiving firearms and a

Why won't muzzle loader ignite the primer?

because it's the firing pin that hits the back of the rounds casing which in turn ignites the primer to fire the round out. so maybe depending what fire arm you have as i have