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It is sometimes called a 'steal', or a 'find'.
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Why is the election of 1824 called the Corrupt Bargain?

It is known as the Corrupt Bargain because John Q. Adams seemed to have made an unsavory bargain deal with Henry Clay. Clay finished fourth in the electoral vote and so was no

Why was the compromise of 1877 called a corrupt bargain?

Post Civil War, Republicans were considered the champions of the  newly freed slaves. The Compromise of 1877 was an informal deal  Republicans made with Southern democrats t

Why was the election of 1824 called a corrupt bargain?

According to the Constitution, if no one receives the majority of the votes in a presidential election, then Congress picks who it wants. The election of 1824 had been a four-

What is bargaining?

Bargaining is another word for negotiating - if you go to a market to purchase some goods and then argue with the shop keeper for a better price, that is bargaining. Bargainin

What is bargain sometimes called?

Bargains regard seemingly advantageous offers of sale and commerce.  Similar terms to bargains are steals and deals, both terms having  positive connotations.

Why was the Election of 1824 called by some the corrupt bargain?

The election of 1824 became controversial because Jackson won the  electoral vote by plurality, meaning he didn't win the majority,  but received more votes than any other c

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Mutts are dogs that have been bread from two different types of dogs. For example a pug and a beagle equals a puggle. So technically a puggle is a mutt. But people call stray

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The simple predicate is more commonly known as the verb. Every complete sentence contains two parts: a subject and a predicate. The subject is what (or whom) the sentence is

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Most people call all different breeds, hights and ages Horses. This is not true Horses are Older like Foals are younger and Ponies are in the middle. There is all different ag

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Because they are the ones who run the company and they go through more stress than the employees who work for them. It's important to develop a positive attitude to the boss,