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The brain is the control centre of the central nervous system, responsible for perception, attention, memory, emotion and action.
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Why does the brain have a semi permeable brain?

The semi permeable membrane is called the blood brain barrier. It allows smaller molecules such as oxygen to enter the brain, and also protects the brain by preventing larger

What is a brain lobotomy?

A lobotomy is a type of neurosurgery where the anterior region of the frontal lobe of the brain is completely removed. The more common form of a lobotomy is the Transorbital L

What does the brain stem connect the brain to?

The brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord, so that the brain can send messages through the cord to the rest of the body. The functioning of the body is severely com

What is the difference between brain damage and brain injury?

The difference is that one can have a brain injury and not have brain damage. Essentially, brain damage is caused by injury or trauma to the brain. However, not every injury t

What is the brain of the brain?

The hypothalamus is sometimes called "the brain of the brain". It is the hub for many automatic and homeostatic systems, including the circulatory system, metabolic processes,

What is a brain surgeon?

A Brain Surgron Is A Doctor That Works And Opperates On The Brain And Has To Be Very Careful On The Brain Or A Life Could Be Tooking Away.

What is brain can you explain brain parts?

The parts of the brain are the cerebrum, cerebellum and the brain stem. The cerebrum makes up 90% of the brain and controls speech, memory, thoughts and all conscious actions.
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What is a brain shunt?

A brain shunt is a permanent drain for excessive cerebro-spinal fluid in those who have brain cancer

What is a brain midline shift?

When the center line (middle linear point) of your brain shifts. It is usually caused by head trauma, tumor or cyst. It will move away from the injured area in any direction(f

What is a brain cyst?

A brain cyst is what is commonly known as the arachnoid cyst. This  is a form of tumor which will affect the arachnoid membrane which  is the main cover of the brain.