What is a corner by a fireplace?

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A corner electric fireplace is a fireplace that goes in a corner. Electric Fireplaces come in multiple shapes and sizes. You have standard floor models, corner models, wall mounted, TV and Media Mantles, and the kind that go directly into the wall.
Corner Electric Fireplaces are made to have angles in the mantle to be placed into the corners. This allows them to placed almost anywhere in the home!
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What are fireplace codes?

I need a fireplace insert for a superior Model # HC-3820, where can I find one?

How do you get the length of a square corner to corner?

measure one side of the square then multiply by 1.414 ex. a 10 in. square will have a corner to corner length of 14.14 in.

How do you close a fireplace?

If you have a damper in the fireplace there should be a handle that will allow you to close this damper or metal flapper. If the damper or metal flapper is missing, damaged or broken you can get parts to fix it or you can install a chimney balloon to plug the chimney at the bottom or a chimney top damper to plug it at the top. Chimney top dampers work well to stop birds, bugs and vermin from entering the top of the chimney. A Chimney balloon is not as expensive and will stop air and odor from passing through the chimney into the living area.. Note: Some gas log fireplaces have the damper disabled or removed because of the building code requirement for gas log fireplaces that was started in the 1990s. The reason for this code is to prevent a homeowner from asphixiating the occupants of the home by using the gas log without opening the damper. The downside of this code is you are loosing inside heat or air conditioned air constantly through the chimney. If this is the case with your gas log the only way you can plug your flue is with a chimney balloon since it is not a permanant mechanical damper.

How do you get the length of a rectangle corner to corner?

This length (diagonal) = sq.rt ( l 2 + b 2 ) where 'l' is length of the rectangle and 'b' is the breadth of the rectangle.

How hot does a fireplace get?

There are different temperatures at different parts of the fire. The hottest temperature in most wood fires are found in the red embers after the fire has been going for awhile. These temperatures are from 1200 degrees to 1500 degrees. However, since so much air is circulating around the fire, grates and other nearby object rarely exceed 1000 degrees. The gas fire probably burns at a lower temperature, with the grate also being the hottest part…around 1000 degrees. This is evident because the grates sometimes glow…and iron glows at approx 1000-1100 degrees F. The flue in both cases is usually quite cool, because of the air mixture. In colonial times, some flues were built from WOOD with a mud pack on the inside…. chances are that the normal flue temperature for such an open fire fall in the 250-400 degree range

How do you insulate a fireplace?

If you mean by this question, "How do I stop the cold draft in the Winter I feel coming from the fireplace?", then I have an answer. Reach up into the chimney throat from inside the firebox and find a wrought iron lever to close the fireplace flu. This alone will stop a good deal of the cold air seeping into the room by way of the chimney. Remember to open this flu again if you wish to build and light a fire in the fireplace. If you do not plan on any fireplace use you may find a greater ability to stop the cold draft by fixing a non flammable piece of insulation (fiberglass) in the throat of the flu before closing it.. While a fireplace and the crackling fire within it can be attractive and comforting when there is a chill in the air, there is no good purpose served in these modern times by the 16th Century Fireplace. Consider closing it up altogether.

What is the difference between in the corner and on the corner?

\nBeing in a corner is more enclosed, like if you are in the corner of a room. Being on a corner is more exposed, like standing on the corner of one street and another.

What a fireplace damper do?

When the fireplace is not in use, it allows the opening to the chimney to be closed. This can help keep heat in the house, and birds and squirrels out..

How can you build a fireplace?

Building a fireplace is a significant project that often involves an architect and a professional contractor, especially if you're trying to add it on to an existing house. If you're looking to build an outdoor fireplace for bbq, fires, etc. then you could probably handle it yourself.

What is a fireplace andiron?

A pair of metal supports that hold the logs. In ancient timesthey were sometimes made of natural stones. The function ofandirons (or firedogs) is to provide more air to the fire, so thatthe fire burns better and more efficently.

How do you prime a fireplace?

Well if your talking a gas fireplace it is done the same as a hot water tank. You hold down the gas button and light the pilot and hold button down for one minute and then release the button ,if the pilot stays lite your set if not you need too do it again. If you hold the button down for 3 minutes and the pilot does not stay lite then the thermocoupler is bad.

How do i measure from corner to corner of a rectangle?

Hmm. Just place a ruler so one edge is at one corner and then swing the ruler around to the opposite corner and read the distance. Is that what you meant? Answer 2 Why don't you just put a ruler from corner to corner? Is that a problem?

What is a kiva fireplace?

A kiva fireplace is a southwestern style home decor that usually placed in an adobe style home. The kiva fire places can be gas powered and/or wood burinng.

What are fireplaces?

Fireplaces are places where fire is held. Traditionally these are located in the central part of a home to keep warm during the cold weather. Usually they are made of brick or metal with a long wide pipe reaching to the roof to let the smoke out. These are called chimneys.

What is better a gas fireplace or a normal fireplace?

Normal Fire Place because you don't have to waste money to burn it! Would you like to pay 50.00 for gas or pay 0.00 for gas! . Irvs12 ** That is partially true. You can use a fireplace with a gas supply to burn natural gas under log looking fireplace decoration. That is expensive. You can also use the gas burner to ignite actual logs you place above the gas flame. That's just an easy way to light your fireplace.

What is a Russian fireplace?

A type of masonry heater, which is a wood burning appliance wich uses the mass of masonry to store heat.

How do you dust a fireplace?

You can just brush the ashes into an ash tray (and ember) with aregular brush or with a special fireplace brush. The latter has theadvantage that you don't spread the ashes with other cleaningactivities. You could also dust a fireplace with special fireplacevacuum cleaner,

What is a fireplace bellow?

A fireplace bellows is a great fireplace accessory that helps pump oxygen to your fire to fuel the flames. Air moves through the bellows as you open and close it and flows through a nozzle. If you point the bellows at the base of your fire, it can help increase the heat of the fire and the size of the flame. It's a common fireplace tool found around the hearth. Check out some examples of fireplace accessories below.

What is fuel for a fireplace?

Natural wood is the best fuel for a fireplace. Large logs are typically considered the fuel for a fire, but in order to get the fire started, you need some smaller pieces of wood, called kindling. A great way to go for easy fire starting with natural wood is to use fatwood kindling that has tree resin in it, which allows it to ignite easily.

What are the benefits of a fireplace?

It is potentially the center of your home. It gives a cosy warmthand atmosphere that you will never forget. I still remember from mychildhood the fireplace as one of the nicest experiences in life.

What are the dimensions of a fireplace?

Fireplaces come in all sorts of sizes. There is no one standard size. Some are massive, big enough for a person to stand up in, others are very small, just big enough for one log. Here are a couple of examples of some modern fireplaces: A Bonaire electric 31-1/4 by 4 x 23-7/8 inches A Dimplex electric 11-2/7 by 20 x 23-1/8 inches Again, these are just a sampling.

What is the corner by a fireplace called?

I'm an old (75) country boy who lived by a fireplace all my life, until I was in my 20's as the only source of heat besides the wood stove in eth kitchen, and I've never heard the corner by the fireplace to have a special name except "the corner by the fireplace." As in, "Stand it in the corner by the fireplace."

What is a fireplace heatalator?

Heatilator is actually a fireplace manufacturer. Many people refer to fireplace blowers or fans as Heatilators.

Can a ventless fireplace be installed in a propane fireplace?

NO, you are talking about to very different appliances, A vent free fireplace is usually designed to fit into an existing wood burning fireplace where you have fire brick or a firebox that is designed to withstand high heat. A propane fireplace while it can obviously withstand some heat, wasn't designed for the kind of heat a vent free appliance can produce, A propane fireplace is designed for a specific flame and heat source. They design the appliance to allow as little as possible clearance to combustible materials used in construction. Changing the flame source or type or changing the logset can change the heat signature of the appliance affecting how close combustable material can be used around the appliance. It would not be safe to retrofit a vent free appliance into a vented gas fireplace.

What is a fireplace flue?

The inside of the chimney. The flue carries smoke and combustion gasses out of your house. The clay tile traditionally used to line a chimney is known as a "flue liner".

What is the temperature of a fireplace?

That will depend on the fuel being burned, the draft fanning the fire, and WHERE in the fireplace you measure the temperature. Parts of the firebox can reach temperatures of around 1500 degrees F when burning dry hardwood under draft- coal can be hotter still.

What is the angle of a 90 degree corner if it is leaning towards you at 45 degrees such as marble around fireplace tilted such as a picture frame?

Basic math its 45 degrees.....if its 90 degrees and its coming in 45 such as a picture frame, then the degrees left is 45.....

Is at the corner and on the corner the same?

Yes, however usage may vary slightly. For instance, if you were getting directions by phone you might say, I'm at the corner of...... If you were just hanging out, you might say, I'm on the corner.

How do you use your fireplace?

By burning wood in it. Build some paper and small dry wooden partsto start the fire and slowly increase the size of the logs. Youshould take care that the wood gets enough air to keep burning.This can be facilitated by starting the fire on andirons and/or afire grate.

What is a vented fireplace?

Usually refers to a gas fireplace, since wood fireplaces are vented by the flue (chimney) Gas fireplaces can be vented (flue) or unvented (no flue)

What is fuel for the fireplace?

The obvious choice for fuel is natural wood. A great way to get a fire started quickly and easily, while still using natural wood, rather than chemical soaked fake logs, is to use fatwood. Fatwood has tree resin in it that allows it to ignite easily. Once you get your fire started, adding larger logs that will burn for a long time are the best fuel.

How do you convert a vented fireplace into a ventless fireplace?

If you can not burn wood in this fireplace, you can not convert to vent-free. If you have a vented fireplace w/ a damper you install vent-free logs and opt to vent them or not

What can you do with ashes from your fireplace?

First, put them in a metal container until they are fully cold. This could take several days. After that, you have some of the best plant fertlizer you could want. VERy high is potash, helps counteract acidity in soils, GREAT to add to compost, keep away from acid loving plants (like azaelas) grapevines love it, and so will you lawn if spread thinly.

What is fireplace ash?

Fireplace ash is generated as a natural byproduct of burning wood. Especially with a long burning fire with several large logs, you can be left with a large quantity of ash in your fireplace. For cleanliness and safety, it's important to remove the buildup of fireplace ash. You can do something as simple as having an ash bucket next to your fireplace to scoop out the extra ashes periodically. Another option is to have an ash vacuum to clean out all the ashes. I'll share a link to a nice ash bucket and fireplace vacuum below.

How do you get fireplace on moshimonsters?

well fireplaces are usually rare so every shop gets new shipments everyday but make sure you check all the shops most likely to have a fire place is horrods you have to be a (paid) member to get it

Is there propane in a fireplace?

All fireplaces are not the same. Some use wood, others use gas. Propane can be used in certain cases so your answer would be yes. Keep in mind that this is not always the case.

What is an inglenook fireplace?

An inglenook is a small space next to an open fireplace, usually a corner. Sort of a snug little cubby, the space may be defined b walls or furnishings. A "room within a room" in design terms.

What is fireplace reflector?

a vertical metal sheet that goes behind the fire to reflect heat back into the room.

Can a gas fireplace be converted to a gel fireplace?

I assume it is not possible that gel cannot move easiliy as gas fireplaces. recommendation will be a bio ethanol fireplace.

How fireplace work?

well some u can just hit a a switch n it turn on. Other u have to put in paper or go to the store n buy some wood or u can just good get some from a tree hey it free that what make it batter n u put it in the fire place n u get something 2 light it with n that how it work.

How does an electric fireplace differ from a regular fireplace?

The biggest difference between an electric fireplace and a regular fireplace is the ability to move it where the heat is needed. A regular fireplace is placed in one area unable to be moved, whereas a electric fireplace can be moved throughout various locations in the house. The only other difference is electric fireplaces require power causing electric bills to go higher, whereas regular fireplaces just require wood.

What is the average cost for a corner fireplace?

A corner fireplace can cost many different amounts depending on how nice the fireplace it. A cheaper corner fireplace can cost approximately 600 dollars, where a more expensive one can run over 1,000 dollars.

Where can you purchase a corner fireplace?

There are numerous places one can purchase a corner fireplace. They can be purchased from ebay, Home Depot and Amazon. One can purchase them in either gas or electric.

Where can one purchase a corner electric fireplace?

A corner electric fireplace should be available for purchase in most major furniture stores. It should also be available in catalogue retailers, such as Argos or online retailers like Amazon. It might be the best idea to check for some local retailers who specialise in the field.

Where can one find a standing corner fireplace?

Standing corner fireplaces can be purchased from a variety of retailers. Such retailers include Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, or any other home improvement store. Also, a standing corner fireplace can be ordered online from Amazon.

Where can one purchase a gas fireplace for a corner?

Someone can purchase a gas fireplace for a corner from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of gas fireplaces from a number of manufacturers.

Where could I find a company that offers corner fireplace designs?

You can find a company that offers corner fireplace designs online at the Houzz website. Once on the website, type "Corner Fireplace" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is the typical price of corner gas fireplaces?

The typical price for a corner gas fireplace is around $2000. Many companies offer a corner gas fireplace starting at $550 and going upwards of $5000 depending on the size and make of the fireplace.

What companies produce corner electric fireplaces?

The Soothing Company is a company that produces corner electric fireplaces. You can browse their webpage for many types of corner electric fireplaces.

How get the length of a rectangular corner to corner?

If the sides of a rectangle (not rectangular) are X and Y units, then the corner to corner length - the diagonal - is sqrt(X 2 + Y 2 )