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FELONIES are defined as criminal offenses with maximum penalties greater than one year in prison. Felony charges include murder, malicious wounding, and armed robbery, as well as grand larceny, possession of cocaine or heroin and other serious charges. The classification of crime as a felony is based upon the maximum sentence provided by law -- not by what a court actually imposes. Each state and the federal government have their own criminal codes. The element of a particular crime can vary as can the sentencing classification. MISDEMEANOR: Officenses that have a penalty that can include up to one year in jail. The least serious offenses, such as most traffice offenses, are considered infractions for which the penalty is generally under $100 fines. These offenses are generally quick and simple to define and resolve. Most misdemeanors are handled by the issuing of a citation from an arresting officer or a complaint filed by a prosecutor. The citation or complaint includes a short statement of the offense with which you are charged and states whether the offense is an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony. Misdemeanors are divided into 4 classes (I, II, III and IV), A Class I misdemeanor is the most prevalent and most serious of all. Class 1 misdeamenors include possession of marijuana, petty parceny (shoplifting) assault and battery, and misdemeanor bad check. Also, several serious traffic offences (DUI, driving while suspended, reckless driving, etc.) are listed as Class 1 misdemeanors.
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Yes, Mexico doesn't really seem to care who comes into their country. As a matter of fact, at the Mexican border in Tijuana and San Diego, you can just walk to a rotary gate i

How do you get a felony charge exonerated?

There is no such thing as getting a felony charge exonerated. You are either guilty or not guilty of the charge. If the charge gets dismissed or more acquitted of the charge,

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If you were found not guilty or the charges were dismissed the record of the arrest and the original charges will show on a background check. In a situation like this you shou

What is a felony 3 charge?

More than likely referring to a 3rd degree felony. It is generally punishable by 2-10 years penitentiary, and up to a $10,000 fine.

Can you be charged with a felony for possession of Adderall?

Depends on if it's your prescription, have you been arrested for it? I think class A may be a felony and adderall is not class A, (actually, I just googled and it varies) Put

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Typically, you would find out when you get arrested. After the arrest, you would be booked and appear for your first appearance hearing. At this time, bail may be set, and you

What happens when you get your felony charge sealed?

Members of the general public will not be able to view it or get information about it. HOWEVER - law enforcement, the courts, government agencies, and certain civilian compani