What is a fireplace heatalator?

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Heatilator is actually a fireplace manufacturer.
Many people refer to fireplace blowers or fans as Heatilators.
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How hot does a fireplace get?

There are different temperatures at different parts of the fire. The hottest temperature in most wood fires are found in the red embers after the fire has been going for awhil

How do you insulate a fireplace?

If you mean by this question, "How do I stop the cold draft in the Winter I feel coming from the fireplace?", then I have an answer. Reach up into the chimney throat from i

How can you build a fireplace?

Building a fireplace is a significant project that often involves an architect and a professional contractor, especially if you're trying to add it on to an existing house. If

How do you prime a fireplace?

Well if your talking a gas fireplace it is done the same as a hot water tank. You hold down the gas button and light the pilot and hold button down for one minute and then

What are fireplaces?

Fireplaces are places where fire is held. Traditionally these are located in the central part of a home to keep warm during the cold weather. Usually they are made of brick or

What is the temperature of a fireplace?

That will depend on the fuel being burned, the draft fanning the fire, and WHERE in the fireplace you measure the temperature. Parts of the firebox can reach temperatures of a

How do you use your fireplace?

By burning wood in it. Build some paper and small dry wooden partsto start the fire and slowly increase the size of the logs. Youshould take care that the wood gets enough air

What is fireplace ash?

Fireplace ash is generated as a natural byproduct of burning wood. Especially with a long burning fire with several large logs, you can be left with a large quantity of ash in
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How do you get fireplace on moshimonsters?

well fireplaces are usually rare so every shop gets new shipments everyday but make sure you check all the shops most likely to have a fire place is horrods you have to b
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Is there propane in a fireplace?

All fireplaces are not the same. Some use wood, others use gas. Propane can be used in certain cases so your answer would be yes. Keep in mind that this is not always the case
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What is an inglenook fireplace?

An inglenook is a small space next to an open fireplace, usually a corner. Sort of a snug little cubby, the space may be defined b walls or furnishings. A "room within a room"
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How fireplace work?

well some u can just hit a a switch n it turn on. Other u have to put in paper or go to the store n buy some wood or u can just good get some from a tree hey it free that