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A flutterby is another name for a butterfly. By Juan Valdovinos
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How do you get the flutterby and black hoodie?

You have to be a member,I am one so I have it. The black hoodie was out about a year ago. The Flutterby came out about 5 months ago. But if your still a member it will come so

Where is Flutterby Fields on Moshi Monsters?

Go to the Main Street and scroll left all the way to the end. There will be a man with a net and it says Flutterbly Fields above him. Click on him and you will be able to play

How do you get the flutterby on Clubpenguin?

Hey there , You can get the 'flutterby' wig from the Gift Shop in the Town , but unfortunly , its not always there. You may have to wait a couple of months for it to come

Why is the flutterby is the original name of butterfly?

It is not the original name for a butterfly. They were called butorflēoge, buttorflēoge, or buterflēoge in Old English, which evolved to buterflie, butturflye, or boterflye