How are gerund and gerund phrase used in a sentence?

A gerund or gerund phrase functions as a noun, as the subject of a  sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.  Examples:       Fishing i

5 example of gerund phrase As the subject?

5 example of gerund phrase As the subject?

Knowing the truth has helped them a lot. Helping the poor has always been his main goal. Raising children can be a very tiring profession. Ironing shirts is more complicate

What is a gerunds and gerund phrases?

What is a gerunds and gerund phrases?

A gerund is a noun formed by adding -ing to a verb. For example:'Singing makes me happy.''His hobby was playing the violin.''My mother likes taking photographs.'A gerund phras

How does a Gerund Phrase function in a sentence?

Gerund phrases, like gerunds alone, function as nouns in a sentence. Like a noun, a gerund phrase can be a subject, a D.O., an object of the preposition, or a predicate noun.

What is an gerund phrase function?

  "Gerund" is a grammatical term for a verb that is used as a noun, for example in the sentence "I like running" in which case "running" is a gerund.

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Is fishing a gerund phrase?

  Fishing can either be a gerund phrase or a participial depending on how you use it in a sentence. For example, "Fishing is fun." is a sentence in which fishing is used a