What is a goal for impaired gas exchange?

The patient will demonstrate improved ventilation and adequate oxygenation and blood gas levels within normal parameters for that patient.
  • Demonstrate improved ventilation and adequate oxygenation
  • Maintain cleanliness of the lungs and free of signs of respiratory distress
  • Demonstrate effective cough and breath sounds are clean, no cyanosis and dyspnea (capable of removing the sputum, was able to breathe easily, no pursed lips)
  • Vital signs within normal range
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HOW DOES gas exchange work in alveoli?

Gas exchange works by diffusion. The movement of molecules from a Higher concentration gradient to an area of lower concentration gradient. Since there is more oxygen in the a (MORE)

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What is gas exchange?

Gaseous exchange is the diffusion of the oxygen and carbon dioxide that takes place in the alveoli part of the lungs. When oxygen goes into the alveoli, which then touches the (MORE)

What is exchange of gas?

This is when the red blood cells , sent from the heart, pass through the alveoli and the breathed in oxygen is diffused into the cell and carbon dioxide is diffused out. The (MORE)

What are the interventions for impaired gas exchange?

This would depend on the patient's reason for impaired gas exchange. A physician would treat the underlying cause. For example, antibiotics for pneumonia. For nurses, nursing (MORE)

Is diffusion the same as gas exchange?

No. Gas exchange is when carbon dioxide rich blood is traded for oxygen rich blood. The lungs do this exchange. Diffusion is when a liquid, usually water, is spread out equall (MORE)
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