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What is a good font size for writing a story?

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11-point or 12-point Times New Roman is a good size and font to use for a story.
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How do you increase font size on word?

Look for the little drop down box with the number in it and select a higher number. Or press ctrl shift and p at the same time to bring up the options box. Make sure you have

How do you write good dialog for your novel or story?

Dialogue means writing down the way that people speak and communicate. Dialogue does several things in writing: . it gives the reader information . it adds depth to the cha

What is font size?

A font is the typeface you use when you are word processing. For instance, times new roman or calibri. Font size is exactly as it says: the size of the font on the paper. It c

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How do you write a good story or book?

"Don't listen to any advice, that's what I'd say. Write only whatyou want to write. Please yourself. YOU are the genius, they'renot. Especially don't listen to people (such as

What is the newspaper size font?

Newspapers use a variety of fonts and sizes (mostly sans-serif) for headlines, but body text is typically 10-point in a serif face such as Times or Times New Roman.

What does font size mean?

  the size of the writing when you type   hope this helped! :)

How do you write a good ending to a horror story?

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How do you write a good ending to a story?

Endings are crucial. Period. Every genre of stories has a different ending, so you kind of need to know what your genre is. If you are writing fiction, like most, you need to

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