What is a good prank that will make the person feel embarassed?

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Pranks are for people to be laughed with NOT laughed at. Aiming to embarrass someone is a form of bullying
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What is a good prank?

Make sure your target has plenty to drink. Then sneak out and put clin film on the toilet seat when your target goes to pee it will go everywhere! and its even more funny if t

Does an abusive person try to make you feel not as good as them?

yes. they try to make you feel like trash. they make you think that everyone hates you and the world is against you. they try to make you feel like you're all alone and you ca

How do you make a person feel guilty?

There are several ways to make people feel guilty but there are also ways to make people feel... like what they have done is right which isn't what you want people to think es

What are good pranks to prank parents with?

Jackass pranks if you want to get them mad, look up jackass bam margera pranks parents, or you could always go with something classic like selefane over the toilet seat to get

How does coke make a person feel?

To begin with, it gives a feeling of energy, power and well-being. Further use often results in agitation and paranoia.

What good pranks are there?

Any prank is a good prank if it makes the victom really pissed(: put spiderz on adultz. yo, its funny dawg.

What is a good prank to do on your big brother and make him wet himself?

well this is the easiest prank in history you gust do this... 1.at night when he is fast asleep get hot water 2. make sure his bed has no electric blancets or anything like

How do you prank good?

you do somethin out o the box a whopeecushion gets giggle but somethin like big gets the real laughs lol =)
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What makes some mothers seem embarassing?

1. They're too old fashioned. 2. They do it do annoy you. 3. They don't mean it. 4. They do it by accident. 5. They are overprotective.
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How do you ask your mum for a tampon without feeling embarassed or nervous?

Well, it is a embarassing thing. I would try and tell yourself that you really wanna know, girls want to feel fresh when they start their periods! Its the same for people who
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How does herpes make a person feel?

It makes u fell like a small tiny Rohan with Varusha coming outside and Matt Keogh being gay and Chris Pinto searching you and Kasun hacking u and Ronit being Ronit and Tom be