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Guido started out as the Italian version for the English name Guy. It has since become a mild pejorative term directed at young men of Italian or Italian-American descent.

Some members of the Italian-American community have embraced the name with a perverse sort of pride; however, that doesn't make it any less offensive in the eyes of others. It's not a term to be bandied about freely among people you don't know-unless, of course, your goal is to goad someone into starting a fight with you.
koekoek koekoek en dray is je moeder
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What is a Guido or Guidette?

Well to get you educated I first heard these terms in the Jersey Shore tv show. Guido means a guy ( probably Italian from Jersey shore ) and Guidette is a Girl from the same (MORE)
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What is a guido juicehead?

A Guido Juicehead is a Italian on steroids or a buff Italian on steroids