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What is a koala's height?

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The height of koalas from the northern parts of Australia ranges between 74cm for males and 72cm for females.
Koalas in the southern states are larger, and can grow to 82cm for males and 73cm for females.
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What is the koala's climate?

Koalas can be found in a range of different climates, as they can live wherever their favoured eucalyptus species live. They most commonly inhabit warm temperate zones. They a

What is the koala's behavior?

Some behaviours that koalas have are: When a male is marking his territory, he rubs his chest, which has a scent gland, on the tree barkMales have loud mating calls, which att

What is a koala's lifestyle?

The Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is a marsupial mammal and is indigenous to Australia. Their closest relative is the wombat. They live in eucalyptus trees and eat only a few

What is the koala's ecosystem?

Koalas are indigenous to Australia and live in tropical to temperate eucalypt forest and woodlands and can be found along the eastern and south-eastern coastal regions. They l

What is the koala's niche?

The niche of the koala is arboreal , and specifically, eucalyptus bushland. The koala only descends trees in order to move between trees in its home range.

What is in a koala's habitat?

Koala's habitat is eucalyptus bushland. This type of forest can be thick or a little more sparse. Besides eucalyptus trees, there tend to be callistemon (bottle brush), melale

What is a koala's class?

The class of the koala is Mammalia. Its infraclass is marsupialia. Marsupial is the common name for a mammal having a marsupium pouch in which the female carries her young.

What is the koala's biome?

The koala's biome is eucalypt woodland and bushland.     Koalas are particular to Eastern Australia, and can be found along the eastern and south-eastern coastal regio

When is a Koala's birth?

Koalas can be born at any time of the day or night. Breeding season is in the Australian spring through to summer/early Autumn (September through to March), so they are usuall
In Koalas

What is a koala's camouflage?

Koalas do not actively employ camouflage, but their natural colouring and tendency to stay still for hours does help them to camouflage. \n\nKoalas are various shades of ligh

What is the koala's IQ?

Wild animals such as koalas are not tested for their IQ, as they  would undoubtedly fail a test that has been designed for humans.  Suffice to say that a koala has enough of