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What is a koala's height?

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The height of koalas from the northern parts of Australia ranges between 74cm for males and 72cm for females.
Koalas in the southern states are larger, and can grow to 82cm for males and 73cm for females.
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What are Koala's strongest senses?

A koala's strongest sense, as with many animals, is its sense of smell. When a joey is first born it is blind and deaf. It uses its sense of smell and pure instinct to find it

What is a koala's appearance?

  Koalas have a woolly light to dark grey fur with brown and white patches and a cream belly. They have a broad head with small eyes, large furry ears and a distinctive la

What is the koala's phylum?

The koala's phylum is Chordata. It is a Latin name for all of you  that don't already know that.

What is a koala's ability?

Koalas have many unique abilities. One for which they are possibly best known is that they have very strong claws suitable for gripping trees and climbing. Between their first

What is a koala's length?

Koalas' length differs according to whether they are from the southern part of Australia or the north. Koalas in northern parts of Australia are smaller, with males growing

What is unusual about the koala's pouch?

The koala's pouch is unusual because, like the wombat's pouch, it opens backwards. The koala has a backward-opening pouch because it makes it easier for the young koala to f

What does a koala's habitat look like?

A koala's habitat is typically Australian eucalyptus bushland,  known as 'dry sclerophyll forest', populated mostly by eucalyptus  trees, or gum trees. Australian gum trees

What color is a koala's fur?

Koalas generally have woolly light to dark grey fur, with a cream coloured belly. Koalas in the south tend to have brown tinges. Mature males can have a brownish stain on thei

What does a koala's fur feel like?

It is quite soft ( it has been used to make purses and toys). It is also quite oily because of the leaves they eat. Koala fur is not oily. Its texture is similar to that o

What is the koala's movement?

Koalas usually spend most of their time in trees. They are efficient climbers, but can also move quickly along the ground, walking or running on all fours.
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What is the koala's genus and species?

The koala belongs to the Genus Phascolarctus and the species Phascolarctus cinereus.
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What is the climate in a koala's habitat?

Koalas live in tropical to temperate eucalypt forest and woodlands and can be found along the eastern and south-eastern coastal regions. They live in eucalyptus trees and are