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Barone, Bastone, Bruno
Cappello, Costa
De Luca
Mancini, Marino
Ricci, Rizzo, Romano, Rossi, Russo
Sacco, Spatafora
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How do you pronounce Italian last name Tucciarone?

Phonetically, the pronunciation would be (too-cha-ro-knee). In italian, the c followed by an 'e' or 'i' makes a "ch" sound in english. This is why instead of se-uh, the middle

Is Bravo an Italian last name?

Yes , Bravo is an Italian last name. Specifically, the Italian word is the masculine form of an adjective that means "brave, courageous." The pronunciation is "BRAH-voh."

Is misita an Italian or Russian last name?

All persons with last name "Misita" originate from a village called "Misite" which existed previous to the arrival of the slavic peoples (Baptismal records of the Misita Famil

Is 'Pizano' an Italian last name?

Yes , " Pizano " may be an Italian last name. Specifically, it may be a variant of " Pisano ." in such a case, both spellings translate into English as "(someone, something

Last judgment was the first painting of an Italian painter what is his name?

    Michelangelo     Answer 2:   It is true that Michelangelo painted the famous fresco of the 'Last Judgement' in the Sistine Chapel.   However he did t

Is the last name 'Levario' Italian?

Yes , " Levario " may be an Italian last name. Specifically, the name is found in the Spanish-speaking world. But it is possible that those who bear the name are descended

Could the last name figueroa be Italian?

Yes, but only if the family had at one time migrated from Portugal or Spain. While there are many variations of this long-held and distinguished surname, it is first found in

Is the last name 'Soriano' Italian in origin?

Yes , the last name Soriano is Italian in origin. Specifically, the word is well-known amongst cat lovers. It refers to the type of cat that is known as "tabby" in English.

What is the pronunciation of the Italian last name 'Gaja'?

"GA-ya" is the pronunciation of the Italian last name Gaja. The name may be linked most recently with wine producers in the Langhe district in north Italy's Piedmont region. B