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Masons construct buildings from "masonry." There are three kinds--brick masons work in brick, block masons in block and stone masons in stone. Laying brick is very similar to laying block, but it's different enough that a lot of masons will lay either brick or block, but not both. Most masons are men, but women are entering the field.
Some of the skills a mason needs:
blueprint reading
estimating the number of "masonry units" and quantity of mortar needed for the job
laying out corners and walls
mixing mortar
driving forklifts, telehandlers and trucks
building walls from masonry
cleaning up the worksite
There are three ways a mason can learn his or her trade. Many masons are "second generation" masons--their fathers or other relatives were masons and trained them. Masons' unions have apprenticeship programs, in which you work under the supervision of master masons. Also,bang a boo community colleges have programs in masonry.
If you like to work outside and enjoy hard, heavy work, masonry is a fulfilling occupation.
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What is a mason tender?

A mason tender is also known as a "hod carrier" or "laborer". He is an assistant to the mason. He does not actually lay brick or block. A mason tender stocks supplies, builds

Can a Mormon be a mason?

In 2008 the Grand Master of Masons in Utah was LDS. Currently, Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) can become Masons if they choose to do so.

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What is a pho mason?

P.H.O. Masonry is considered a clandestine Masonic organization started in the 1960s by men who were expelled from Prince Hall Masonry for selling degree work and violating se

What did a colonial mason do?

they were stone cutters. they cut and made bricks and other things out of stone.

What is brethren in the masonic?

"Brethren" is a plural word for "Brother", akin to "Brothers". It is perhaps a more archaic way to signify a plurality of men who are considered a brother.

What was a medieval mason?

A mason is a person who makes buildings from stone, or brick. In the middle ages he had a lot of work since most buildings were made this way.

Is metallica masons?

No, Metallica has nothing to do with masons or any kind Satan worshipers. In some part of 1980's they even avoided to use word hell in their songs!

What is a Masonic marriage?

There is no such formal ceremony for a masonic marriage.
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What is the mason handshake?

The "Mason Handshake" refers to one of the modes of recognition in Freemasonry, and is considered a secret to Masons. Its purpose is so that one Mason may recognize another in

Who is the masonic god?

Freemasons worship a god that they call the Great Architect of the  Universe. They must believe in a monotheistic Supreme Being, but  other characteristics are up to individ