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A minuet is a slow ballroom dance for two, in triple time.
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What movement is the minuet of a classical symphony?

The minuet is usually the third movement of a symphony or sonata.

What are the characteristics of a minuet and trio?

A minuet, sometimes spelled menuet, was a social dance of French origin for two persons, usually in 3/4 time, with a strong downbeat. The minuet become more and more stylis

What meter is a minuet in?

Usually 3/4 ... where there are three beats to a measure with the quarter note receiving one beat.

Who composed minuet?

Johann Sebastian Bach was the original composer of Minuet.
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Is minuet a direct object?

The word 'minuet' is a noun, a word for a type of ballroom  dance; a word for a thing.   A noun can function as the subject of a sentence or a  clause, and as the direct