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What is a non-web based system?

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A non-web based system might be a stand-alone system or a desktop based system which might also be referred to as an native application for a specific operating system.
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What is the base of binary number system?

Answer #2:   The base of the binary number system is 2 .   =====    Answer #1:    1's and 0's my friend.    Binary = bi = 2 numbers    1 

What is a web based system development?

Any system that is needed web browser or internet connection could be categorized into web based system like websites, skype, messenger etc. WEB API is also a part of web base

Metric system is based on what number?

water. its all based on water. 1m^3 of water is one liter. 1cm^3 is 0.01liter. 1mm^3 is 0.001liter. thats how length is used in relation to volume in the metric system. the nu

The metric system is based on units of what?

The metric system is based on units of 10. For example, in meters, a megameter (Mm) is one million meters, a kilometer (km) is one thousand meters, a decimeter (dm) is a tenth

What is Computer based accounting system?

The Computer-Based Accounting Certificate of Completion Program prepares students for financial careers as bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts rec

What number is the SI system based on?

10. SI units are based on the decimal system. For many purposes they can be seen as based on a system of 1000.

What is bank based financial system?

BANK BASED FINANCIAL SYSTEM:~ In B.B.F.S Banks plays a four front role in mobilizing allocating capital , oversee the investment decision s of corporate manager &providing r
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What is the metric system is based on powers of?

It works in powers of 10, so figures such as 100 and 1000 are  especially important. There are 100 centimetres in a metre and 1000  metres in a kilometre for example.  
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Web based system it is the best?

i converted over to linux mint 12 a while back from windows, i tried a few others like chrome os, ununtu, and some others. but this os seems to the best. and hardley takes u